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Weekend Cat News #8

Blogging Cat News
Weekend of October 7-8, 2006

KC repurrted lots of cat news during the week this week! If you missed it durin the week you can catch up by scrolling down the blog here. We'd like to especially fank speshul news corryspondents Grr, Midnight and Cocoa and Beau fur sharin breakin news wif us.

From Around the Blogosphere

Cocoa was accused (or was dat caught red fanged???) of puttin the bitey on his beans' toofbrushes, but he says they can't proove it was him dis time.

Did you know... CaspersMom usually posts a Saturday Scripture highlighted by a gorgeous photo she has taken. She's a furry good fotographer we finks, and they's furry nice scriptures writins.

Cat Happy has two rescued kitties that are looking for furever homes. Do you need a brofur or a sisfur? Or do you know somecat who does? Pass the word please.

For a great recap of a happy ending story, go and see the story of Mr. Big, now known as Mr. Crumples. Lotsa kitties and beans were involved wif finding Mr Big his furever home where he gotted his new furever name.

Up Close and Purrsonal

  • Fearless, the kitty rescued by Beau and Beau's Mom has been adopted! Yay!
  • Babanooshkins was't feeling very well, but seems to be over the hump now. We sends purrs and purrayers that he continues to feel better.
  • Chatham wasn't been feelin good and had to go to the V-E-T again. He is feeling better now, though. Yay! We's gonna keep sendin him purrs and purrayers that he keeps feelin better.
  • Brandi and Mom Carol continue to hang in there while Mom Carol looks for a job. Please help them out if you can. Our Mom Robyn is giving handmade joolry to folks who can send donations as a thank you, too!
  • New Ratlings at Poi Rats and Cats! Concatulations (Conratulations?) Morgan and Georgie!
  • Gemini and Cheysuli's sisfur Georgia has got sum serious health problems and the V-E-T finks it's a brain tumor. :( She seems to be stable, though, which is good.
  • One of Karen C's little repurrter cats (either Grr, Midnight or Cocoa) emailed KC with the news that the Tower Hill Mob's Tilly, the sweet little 17 year old ginger kitty, is very ill. Then Mom Kate had to go to the emergency bean V-E-T and be in the hospital. She's home now though, and Tilly's doing better. We's gonna continue sendin them purrs and purrayers that they feels all better soon!
  • The feline denizens of the House of Chaos are in mourning! Critter, beloved canine cat-mother has crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. We will miss her, because she was always good for a cuddle and a lick, because we could sleep snugly with her, and because she would always play with us. From: Loup-Garou, Zorro and Bean Sidhe
  • Our furriends at Rose and the Royals are hafin financial diffyculties. You can donate to help them out here.
  • KC and Missy, Emma's Kat, and us Hot(M)BC kitties co-hosted a Purrayer Circle this week for Rajjah, who is losted. Lotsa kitties showed up to send purrayers and pawsitive thoughts to bring Rajjah home safe, as well as for ofur furriends who need help. See the Pet Prayer & Praise Blog for more news about furriends around the cat blogosphere who needs purrs and purrayers.
  • CalicoMom Toni of the Big Piney Woods is able to blog again some! Yay! We was so happy to hear from her and Patches and Mittens and Mistrie and Precious Flower for the first time since her eye surgery.
  • Repurted by ours special news corryspondents Grr, Midnight and Cocoa: Oscar's furriend Zander was hitted by a car and killed. We sends lotsa purrs and purrayers and sympathies to Zanders furriends and fambly.
  • More up close and purrsonal news was repurrted thruout the week by Repurrter KC. Jus scroll down to catch up. KC did a wondermous job repurrting, so we's not gonna repeet it.
New Furriends

We's furry happy to meet Katie Katz, but sad to hear her brofur Sandy Red wented to the Rainbow Bridge this week.

The Harmony Kitties, a BIG fambly with lotsa mostly black cats!

Mr. Henry M. Catterton is a new furriend from Maine! He goes by Hank mosta the time tho, and M is for Marmalade cuz he's an orinch kitty.

If you know of ofur new furriends around the blogosphere, please let us know so's we can introduce them! Fanks :)

Da Big Kitty Cat Round-ups - Don't Miss 'Em!

The Friday Ark - Guess what day dat is? hehehe
Sunday's Carnival of the Cats is hosted by Curiouser and Curiouser
Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted this week by The Hidden Paw

Ofur Kitty News

Pandora and Charlie of Britcats threw a super fiesta to cellybrate Luna getting home safe after her month-long advenchur in the skeery Outside.

Psychokitty Max gets his own kitty lounge in the new house.

Beau Beau and Angie share about the Tao of Meow.

The Meowers in Missouri repurrt that Nitro shows off a movie of how to get a pawdicure and stay all laid back.

Timothy Dickens' Grammie maded LOTS of Kitty Blankies wif silly sticks, all for poodins at Timmy's V-E-T who needs somefin warm to sleep o n while they's in the kitty hospital. Timmy's Grammie is a furry nice bean to do dat! And she has her own bloggy too where she shares yummy ressypees. That's furry nice too! And yummy. hehehe

Cats Efurryday

KC repurrted about Cats Efurryday this week, and there was lots of discussion bouts it. Some cats were worried bout their color of cat not being included. We says if anycat wants to start a day for their color of cat, we'll be glads to post bout it here on the Cat Blogosphere! As far as we knows, these are some of the cat days that different cats will be cellybratin when they feels like it. Join on in whenefur you wants to! And let us know here if you gots updates. :)
  • Meezer Monday - Mao
  • Midnite Monday - Rascal
  • Torti Tuesday - Cat Zee
  • Tabby Tuesday - Missy
  • Tuxie Tuesday Too (Tcubed) - Daisy Mae Maus
  • Wednesday is Gingersday - suggested for Ginger Cats
  • Tuxie Thursday has been moved by me, Sanjee, to join up with Daisy Mae cuz that's such a cool named, that Tcubed! hehehe A'course, if anycat wants to do Tuxie Thursday too, that's okies too!
  • Bi & Tri-Color Thursday - suggested for bi and tri color kitties
  • Frootbat Friday - Kaze
  • Saturday is Caturday - suggested as a day for all cats
  • All Cat's Day - October 15 - Sweet Ariel
If you wants to do the days that are suggested but don't gots a founder, go for it! You can be the founder kitty. :) Just let us know and we'll put your linky up here

Secret Paws Survey from Fiona Bun

Wow, we can't believe it's been a year since the first secret paws! To get ready for winter paws we're asking everyone to fill out a quick little survey for us. You will remain anan-o-mouse and we'd really appreciate your feedback!

FSA (Feline Service Announcements)

Bravely Sir Robin reminds efurryone, do NOT paint your cat for Halloween!

Animal Poison Control Alert by the ASPCA - Rat and Mouse Poisons Could Also Harm Pets. You can get a free magnet with the Animal Poison Control center from the ASPCA too!

Kitty Contests

Bubbles and Mrs. B are having an I (heart) the 2 Bs competition. and you can find more details at the competition blog here.

Skeezix the Cat's Halloween Contest ends Friday, October 13. See details here.

Repurrted by Offishul Repurrters
KC and Sanjee


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o, Sanjee, wuz there reely this much news this week? we's be good ree-porters, but we be busy.

sorry i hafn't ree-ported in a whiles, but my mommie haf not been feelin wells.

i did get mine owns email, wif mine owns name on it, so if'n u haf some noos or jus wants ta chat, u can reachs me: kcs(dot)sherwood(at)sbcglobal(dot)net.

Hot(M)BC said...

Yep! Ain't that a lotta news? We hadded help from ofur kitties to do the newses too, and that was a BIG help. There's lotsa bloggin kitties, so dere's lotsa news.

You gotta take care of your Mommy, dat's more impawtant! Anyways, it's only been 2 days since you's repurrted, an efurrycat's gotta take days off sumtimes. So no bein sorry please!

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kc & hot(m)bc: You did a purrfect job this week of repurrting the new. I'm so impressed. Goodness there was a lot of news!

kc: you got your own!

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