Tuesday, October 03, 2006

10/03 - Catz Efurryday

o, i's not sures where i's furst herd o' Frootbat Friday, finks it was on Skeezix's blog. Oh it was Kaze that started it, sowwy Kaze! Anyways, Little Cat Zee asked'd me if we's could have a Torti Tuesday, which is a furry good idea. And we's did, today.

Missy saided we hafs to include tha Tabbies fur a Tabby Tuesday. 'n we's haf a reko-men-dashun of Meezer Monday by Mao. Cocoa finks Midnight Monday shuld be furs black cats, not jus' fur hims sisfer, Midnight. 'n hims also worried that Wednesday will feel "left out", what abouts that? Finally, from Hot(M)BC was a nomy-na-shun fur Tuxie Thursday.

Let's makes efurryday a cat day (likes they's not alreedy, hee-hee). Anymores ideas?

Course, troo to our catitude, we's don't haf to par-tici-pate unlesses we feels like it. Nuf said on that. So furs we hafs

  • Meezer Monday - Mao
  • Midnite Monday - Cocoa
  • Torti Tuesday - Cat Zee
  • Tabby Tuesday - Missy
  • Tuxie Thursday - Sanjee
  • Frootbat Friday - Kaze
Lookie, we's hafs our own speeshial banner made by Sweet Ariel's Sweet Mommie. Wow, that be reely nice. Fanks Sweet Ariel's Sweet Mommie.


Victor Tabbycat said...

What happened to Tummy Tuesday? An Lawrence Simon is pushin Movie Monday. Solid Sunday for our stripe-challenged furiends? How about a Saturday Stretch? Oh, dis is fun.

Gemini said...

Cheysuli likes Meezer Monday. I like Tummy Tuesday too as I'm just getting comfy showing off my tummy! But we likes to see photos and the almost dad has almost fixed our photo thing so I have LOTS to show!

KC said...

o, Victor, it is jus funs. My mommie sez Tummy Tuesday is an insty-two-shun fer bloggers. 'n so is Movie Monday. 'n we may do those too. Just whatever u wants to celebrate. we's cats, we's kin do whatever we want, if we wants.

Cat Zee wanted to start this jus fer us torties 'n we likes it. 'n we's could always haf Torti Tummy Tuesday. hee hee

'n Gemini, we'd all likes ta see ur photos, tummy an all.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're worried that wensday is gonna feel sad an lefted out

Derby said...

What about ginger cats?

KC said...

o, Derby, this conversashun is being hadded in too many different places for a little kitty like me...Caspers Mom wuz sayin tha same thing but over on me 'n Missy's bloggie.

i su'gested sumfin likes Wonderful Ginger Wednesday, sinces they not haf a "G" weekday. 'n then i asked all of us ta puts our finking caps on 'n figure sumfin out. we's not gonna leaves any cats out.

Hot(M)BC said...

How about Wednesday is Gingersday, Derby? Wheeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

I think we should pick one day and make it all Cats Day.For all of us Cat's are very special.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Efurryday is All Cats Day, right?

brandi said...

What about bi-color cats? Gray and white ones like me and Gree, for example? We want a day!

Hot(M)BC said...

Brandi, you and Gree are light black tuxies! ummmmm gray tuxies
But yall could do two tone toosdays if you wanted to!

Princess Zipporah (Zippy) said...

How about Sundae Sunday for us calico's. Momma says we's look like a scoop of ice creem (mmm, ice creem) with toppings all oofur. Like a ice cream sundae!

Kaze said...

I'm glad you've all been enjoying frootbat friday and making your own days.

It was the Lap Lady's idea to start as she always posts pictures of me on her kitty forums on Friday's. She's very happy that Skeezix and Lux joined in so everyone can see all of the glorious frootbats!