Monday, October 02, 2006

10/02 - Update from Ree-porter KC

Furst of all, Tilly did not go to tha Bridge today even tho her family was 'pectin' it. The V-E-T wanted to run more tests to see exactly what's goin on insides of Tilly. So maybes they kin find a re-sun why sweet Tilly isn't feelin good 'n fixes it. We's all gonna keep purr-raying fer Tilly 'n hers won-erful family.

Second, Oreo's Mommie's bone doctor, him musts be craz-zee. Him tolds her the abnormal marrow signal [fanks, mommie fer typin fer me] they finds in her leg can be cancer (!), but him finks it's jus a spot on tha film. Nothin like bein sure, huh.

'N then hims saided hers leg was "struk-tuer-ally" intact -- hey, even i's kin see a big ol' chip in hers knee in tha xray. Wuld u wanna be walkin' aroun wif that thingie in ur knee? I don't fink so.

Tell Oreo's Mommie to run...'r limp... jus get to 'nother doctor. Pleaze. 'N me 'n Oreo's gonna go put tha bitey on that terry-bull doctor, any poodins wants to join us?

'N good news so far fur Rocky, hims pee is fine. We's all bin wurried 'bout Rocky's pee. So far hims not had to go backs to tha V-E-T, but hims has to stay n-doors. 'N hims hafs ta take medy-cine for hims "thigh roid" problim, 'n, git this, thems puts tha medy-cine stuff on hims ears! Thigh medy-cine on hims ears. Hmm.

If'n u hafn't seen tha Tummie Slide Box at Kat's Cat of the Day, u must haf a look. Tha mostest furriest most bee-you-tiful tummies u ever seen, all puts together by Kat. 'N guess what? Mines tummie is in theres 'n Missy's. Kin u see tha image of Simba on Missy's tum? I's hafs ta looks at tha pict-tors, 'cause shes won't let me gets that close to hers tum.

Calico Mom Toni started blogging a bit yesterday, hers eye is healin. We's can't wait ta hears what Patches 'n Mittens 'n Mistrie 'n Precious Flower is up to. Rights now, they's gots their work takin care of their Mom.

'N finally, go check out Grr, Midnight & Cocoa's bloggie...I finks Grr wuz borned to wear a tiara.


Rose said...

Well Done, KC! Your talent as a re-purr-tur is top rate! (I hope I spelled your title right!)
It's refreshing to have an honest re-purr-tur to keep Us informed!

The best of luck to you, Our Friend!

The Royal House of Myres
HM Queen Emily, HRH Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold, and Queen Mum!

Emma's Kat said...

Yes, KC! What a great ree-purrtor you are! Good job! And thanks so much for mentioning the Slide box over at Kat's Cat! I too love all the furry tummies! Need to start putting together ideas for a new future Slide box!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

i wuvs tha slidey box, so's does efurrybody else. it's so kewl.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

GRRRRRRRRREAT JOB LITTLE ONE! We're all furry proud of you! You've got sum great skills there. Duz yur job pay wif Temptations?

Hot(M)BC said...

Wow! You dids a sooper job, KC! You're a furry good reeporter kitty! Maybe someday I can take a bay-kay-shun and nap in the sun one weekend cuz I knows you'll do just purrfect ree-portin.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

WOW KC, you are a purrrfectly purrfesional repurrtur!!!! I'm so proud! If I get any breaking news, I'll report back to you. The only news I have right now is that I have a cricket living in my basement. He likes it here, so I have named him Buddy Holly (ask your mommy to 'splain)! Love you!