Monday, October 09, 2006

10/09 - Monday

Furrrst of all, Sir Sidney ree-ports that hims sisfur, Jo, is gonna be fine. They thoughted she haf heartworms, but hers tests came back negy-tive. i's don't unnerstands how negy-tive is good, but tha V-E-T, who be very smart, hims said she is not in-fected.

Banjo 'n Doogal of Purring at Pantops had ta go back to tha shelter for treatment, they's bof sicks. Send lotsa purrrs 'n purrrayers so they's get well 'n can be 'dopted.

Sweet Ariel 'n hers mommie haf come up wif All Cat's Day - October 15th. If u wants to par-ticy-pates, u can makes a banner 'n display it on ur bloggie or posts a comment at Sweet Ariel's bloggie. Read alls about it on her bloggie.

Kat (Kat's Cat of the Day) spotted anofer Frootbat fur Friday, sorta. Check out Suzy Q at Petronious the Arbiter. Biggie ears, cute lil face.

Fat Eric haf been reportin one or mores SBK's (Small Black Kitties) moving nearer and nearer his garden, finks now they is in. He warns oth-fers ta keeps alert for SBK's in thems areas. Seems ta me i've heared rumblings on tha blogs lately 'bout "cat infestations". Hmmmm.

Katnippia was kind enough to share some dee-lishous recipes fur our mommies 'n daddies ta cook fur us's. Them sounds yummy: Cat Cookies wif catnip, Heavenly Turkey Leftovers, and Kitty-Size Lasagna. Jus tha fing fur a Hally-ween Purrty. let me know if'n u'd like tha recipes.

Ruse gotted stuck in a tunnel! Wells, act-shually, it wuz a rolled up rug. Hims gotted out jus fine. Hee-hee.

Ruse 'n hims brofur, Audace, r brofurs to Princess Marigold 'n Prince Brutus, 'cause thems all haf tha same Momma Grace. Momma Grace is lookin radiant, she jus be beaming 'n healthy.

Deb haf a beautiful kitty named Sassy. Sassy jus hers nickname, hers full name is Sasquatch. u knows, like bigfoot -- that Sasquatch! Well, Maggie, at tha Prairieland Herbs blog posted a pict-shure of hers cat, Sasquatch, also nick-named Sassy. U's can read 'splanations on hows they bof gotted their names on Maggie's blog. When Deb's Sassy saw tha pic-shure of Maggie's Sassy, Deb's Sassy says "o-la-la, hims is furry han-some" 'n she's sendin hers pict-shure to him.

If u hafn't heared, Zeus' Litterbox was Pimped last week. wishin i could see a pict-shure of tha new pimped litterbox, must really be sumfin spec-shul.

Danielle is back postin. i's missed hers 'n Jake, Spot, Venter's Welcome 'n Stupid Trivia!

'n 'member, if u haf any news, photos, anyfing of in-trest, jus email Sanjee or KC (that's me) 'n lets us know.


Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero said...

Thanks for the update. I like catching up here.

Hot(M)BC said...

Thanks, Sidney :) That's what it's for! We hope it can be helpful to kitties all over the blogosphere!
Boni (standing in for Repurrter Sanjee while she's visiting her boyfriend cat Miles)