Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Taking Over the Whole Blogosphere

Urgent Cat News! Butterscotch and his fambly need your purrs and pawsitive thoughts and purrayers. Butterscotch is very poorly and may have to go to the Rainbow Bridge later today. We're furry sad to hear that, but we want to support Butterscotch's Mom in doing the best thing for him. Stop by his blog if you can, and leave a note.
Guess what? The Cat Blogosphere has 207 cat blogs listed as of right this minute!!! We really are taking over the whole blogosphere. Go cats! However, sometimes we miss somecat. :( Like Jake and Bathsheba emailed cuz we missed them, even tho we thought we had them in the links, so we had to fix that. Oops!!! That's not so good. We don't want to leave anycat out! So if you don't see your linky at the Cat Blogosphere links, or don't see a cat friend's link, please let us know! You can email our repurrters here any time. As soon as we find out, we'll add the linky! We want all the kitties to be linked! By the way, all the Cat Blogosphere links are at our site for the Cat Blogosphere to speed up news reading cuz there's so many of us. We made Mom set up a whole section of the site just for Cat Blogosphere goodies (isn't she a good staff!), that way cats can tell it's stuff for all cats and not really just Hot(M)BC stuff!

Do you want to use the Cat Blogosphere links on your blog? You can! Just email and ask for the code, and you can put it on your template and that'll give you allllllllll the linkies we've got. Cool huh?

Boni Maroni, Tuxedo Gun Moll
(Standing in for Sanjee while she's visiting the Miles.)


Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero said...

207! Wow that is huge. There are ltos of blogging cats out there

Derby said...

Dear Sanjee, our bestest reporter. Please mention my party for the October kitties, on your next update. Make it stand out so all the kitties see it.

Dates Oct 20-22. Starting at noon time Central Daylight Time.

Thanks and purrs.

Hot(M)BC said...

Sure thing, Derby!