Thursday, July 13, 2006

About the Green Wall Shelter Kitties

Green Wall Shelter Kitties - aka Litter of Squillions, or The Squillions

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's Mom sent us an email about the Green Wall Shelter kitties. She wanted to know about them. So I did some research and found links to the story as it runs around the Cat Blogosphere.

Derby and his friend Vir-ginger started it all.

Then Vir-ginger found out about the whereabouts of some of her brofurs and sisfurs!

They found out about Charcoalie and Midnight

Then Charcoalie and Bonnie and Victor's Mom fostered Sunny and Cloudy, who went to live
with the Calico Girls.

More kitties wanted to adopt Green Wall Shelter kitties, so Derby and his Mom fostered some more from the litter of squillions.

Mandy went all the way to England to be 'dopted by Fat Eric's family!

Mango (bearing flowers to Mia from Derby) headed to Houston to be adopted by Princess Mia's family.

Inky got adopted by the Tower Hill Mob.

Ashes found his furrever home with Abby, Boo, Jinx, Ping and little Gracie of Manx Mnews.

Storm Cloud got adopted by Turtle, Moose and Nala's family.

Blackie (who reveals that Ceramic Tabbies are immune to most cat diseases and don't need shots, is adopted by the Amazing Zeus and his sisfur Isis, and family

Then the girls of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, aka Hot(M)BC adopted Onyx, Mac, and Pinky.

Shadow, Merlin and Ko Ko wanted to adopt a kitty and Pinky really wanted to live in Poiland, so the Sanjee of the Hot(M)BC said it was ok.

Mouse the Cat's Mom brought Mouse two new 'ramic kitty siblings when she came back from vacation.

Hot(M)BC's Mom Robyn checked out other shelters in the area and found Sable, Fraxy and
who needed homes and are getting adopted by Beau, Brandi, and The Meezers.

I missed this one. Sorry Timmy my Tuxie Twin! Timothy Dickens dopted a kitty too!

Mom Robyn heard more kitties and beans wanted to adopt kitties, so she checked the last
shelter nearby, and decided to foster ALL the shelter kitties that were there that still needed homes.

ALL the shelter kitties fostered at House of the (Mostly) black cats were adopted on Mom Robyn's birthday! They're waitin for Mom Robyn to get more carriers so they can go to their new homes.

UPDATE The Taylor CatSSSSS & Mom adopted Orinch!

Timmy had a 'ramic kitty come visit on the way to live with Jinky and co!

Misty and Dusty were 'dopted by Bubbles and Mrs. B!

Scooby, Shaggy and Scout got a special Secret Paws purresent from Derby, with Sioux inside!

Mom Robyn got the carriers, the Squillions got ready and headed off for their new homes on Cat Day!

Finnegan and Buddy got two members of the Litter of Squillions from Yuki and Kimiko as Secret Paws!

Tink, Shadow and Cleo were 'dopted by Meeko and Kiara!

Theo arrived safely to his new furrever home with Missy, KC, Bear and Mom ML!

MinMin is happy to have been adopted by Emma and family and arrived to her new home safe!

Daisy is thrilled to have reached her new furrever castle with Rose and the Royals!

Darkle made it safe to his furrever home with Grr, Midnight and Cocoa. Grr even gave Darkle a welcome home smooch!

The Zoo 'dopted Sherbie and she arrived safely!

Bert made it safe to his new furever home wif Jake and Spot and Danielle B!

Ayla got HER Squillion! hehehe Naranja arrived safe and sound and is happy to be at her new furrever home.

Badness, Tucker and Scrappy ree-ports that they 'dopted a Squillion named Puma!

Butterscotch has now got 3 Squillions buddies! He doesn't know their names yet tho.

Victor Tabbycat and Bonnie Underfoot are sendin a ginger Squillion named Callie to live wif their Grandma! Callie arrived safely and is livin happily in California! UPDATED

If you know of a part of the story I missed (I probably missed some, oops!), email and I'll update!

Reported by
Boni Maroni, Tuxedo Gun Moll

You can get your Squillions Stuff here!
Victor ree-ports, "
my mom lurves the Squillions t-shirt
she bought thru Cafe Press - good fit, good quality, an no fadin in the wash."


Anonymous said...

Fanks so furry much fur tellin us the whole story! We'd love to 'dopt one of the cute little kitties. Do they like ta play wif fevver toys?

Just Ducky said...

Wow, I started something big on the blogoshpere. I think we are all happy that these kitties founded goods homes with people who are happy to have them.

Victor Tabbycat said...

They're wonnerful kitties. Charcoalie nefur swats or growls or efun hisses. Yes, Derby, you started it! But I *fink* it was Bonnie who furst called it the Green Wall Aminal Shelter. My Mom's Dad sed we shud send one to Mom's Mom!
Do you kitties fink they should haf their own blog?

Hot(M)BC said...

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa - You're furry welcome. You'll have to ask them if they like ta play with fevver toys, though. I don't know!

Derby - We're all so furry glad you introduced us to the Green Wall Shelter Kitties. Fanks!

Victor - Maybe you can help the Green Wall Shelter kitties start their own blog. That would be neat!

~~ Boni

Just Ducky said...


Don't forget we sent Sioux to Scooby, Shaggy and Scout as part of their Secret Paws.



KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Also, don't forget Theo is on his way to Missy & KC in Houston and Orinch is traveling to Deb and the Taylor Cats in MD.

Abby & Sophie said...

Do all the Squillions have furrever homes now? If not, we have a home that will take one.

Abby & Sophie

Hot(M)BC said...

Abby and Sophie, Send me your email address, ok? You can send it to me at
catsnmom AT crystalsandjewelry DOT com (make the AT into an @ and the DOT into a . and remove the spaces)

Hot(M)BC said...

Derby - Fanks for reminding us bout Sioux!

ML - Yep, they're in the Squillions that just went out yesterday. Yay!

Victor Tabbycat said...

There's ANOTHER one at my house, but she's goin to the woman's mother in Catifornia. Her name's Cali an she's a ginger. Charcoalie has been impossible to lif wif while she's here.

Hot(M)BC said...

Charcoalie must like Cali lots, Bonnie!

One Cats Nip said...

Oh how I wish I was in the blogosphere when this happened!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

*sigh* We started blogging just a week too late.