Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fluffy Friend Needs Help Hopping for a Cause

Fiona Bun, who shares a bean, DKM and a home with Diva Kitty, is going to do the SF AIDS Walk (or hop, in Fiona's case) with their bean. They're working hard to reach their $1000 goal. If you can donate even a little bit that would be great. We kitties would like to see Fiona Bun meet her goal, and we'd like to see AIDS get wiped out. See Fiona's post to learn more about it or donate by mail, or you can donate online here before July 14.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, Sanjee, I'm afeared you need to post anofur sad announceymint. Hara has gone to the rainbow bridge... much too soon. I need a snuggle.

Louise said...

Hi from Nugs and the gang,
Thank you for sharingour blog with others. We really enjoy your site. Most especially Fiona Bun.
Now we am trying to link your blog on my site. We're kinda new at this.
Thanks again, Louise and Nugget