Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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If you are here, you are in the wrong place as the Cat Blogosphere is up and running under new management. Enjoy! It has had quite a makeover including Facebook and Twitter integration.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toosday Noos - Feb 28th 2012

IMPAWTANT: Mog has just finished working all day on the CB and hopes she has the nasty virus beat! Would effurryone please go try and then leave a comment about whether it works or not.
Fanks, KC


Today is Squillion's Day founded by Derby!
Many fanks to Jan and the Funny Farmers, who verified with Derby that February 28th is Squillions Day!
There haf been discussion as to whether it is today, the 28th or tomorrow, the 29th.
I's gonna cellybrate bof days, what do you fink?
And whatever day it falls on, Derby gave us Squillions!

And I's been cleaning house and found a box of Squillions that Mom Cathy had sent to me. She wanted me to auction them to help other cats, since we had helped her with Beau's expenses.
It made all of ours eye leak to find them.
We want to do sumfing really specshul with these, maybe some of you haf ideas?

We just updated the blog with a quick techy tuesday post. There are some free tools to help your computer. ~Pixel and Samba

You might also send some purrs to Rose and The Royals. QM Rose's long-time doctor is very, very ill and she has the sads because of it, of course.

Brian emailed the graphic below and mentioned that Zoe is at the Emergency Vet. Everyone, please send lots of purrs and purrayers.

To see tha purrs list and tha rest of tha noos, scroll down to yesserday's post.

I's sorry, I's kinda depressed right now.
We's gotted two blogs, but no real place to meet.
But good noos is that we haf awesome wizards working to fix this.
Iffen we could find tha hacker who did this, there would be major pillow-pooping.
Am I right? ~KC

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Leave a comment here wif noos and linkies fur us to visit.
Love and Purrs, KC