Tuesday, October 17, 2006

10/17 News

New Furriend!

Freya, the Little Cat who's got an adorable Tummy Tuesday post, and one about the dangers of drinkin beer hehehe We's furry glad to meet you Freya!

Contests n Stuff

Kukka-Maria is havin a contest while she's goned for a week and she's gonna judge it when she gets back. Chek it out :) Deadline is Wennsday Oktober 25.

Skeezix's Halloween Contest
Today (10/17) is the last day to vote! Winners will be announced tomorry! We's voted. Haf you?

Kitty Book Deadline Extended!
Yall get out your cat staff and get typin! Max needs more stuff for the kitty book. He's extended the deadline too November 15 to get more cat stories. So yall who saided you din't haf time gots time now. Do it! We wanna haf this kitty book! Plus it's for a good cause, all the profits'll go to a kitty charity. Ain't that cool?


CalicoMom Toni of the Big Piney Woods is bringin Mittens home today. Yay! We was furry glad to hear Mittens bloodstuff was ok :) We hopes her purroblem is just a allergy. Annoyin but not too icky. Mom Toni saided she thot Mittens might say hi on the bloggy after she gets home.

Gracie is still at the vet's and not feelin so good. Her meowmy is sad. They's almost neighbors of ours cuz they lives here in Richmond. We's sayin speshul purrayers for Gracie. Please send purrs and purrayers for Gracie and her meowmy.

An that's the noos I got fer now. KC may ree-purrt more later.
Ree-purrted by Sanjee

We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our fanks :)


Anonymous said...

O I made the news! That is very kool. purrs....

I hopes those kitties that arnt feeling so good get better very fast. I would give em my toys so they would feel beter if I could figure out the teleport cat thingy!

Losts of purrs....

the lil' cat

KC said...

o, lil' one, i's trying to 'member who knows all about tellyportin. Sanjee'll know....