Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Affernoon News Break

Darling Millie (Malcolm's Rescue & Internet Superstar) be tha 5000th visitor ta Random Drift. Can't wait ta see hers box of prizies.

Les Trio Chats posted an 'barrassing tummy shot of Turtle for Midnight Monday...she suggesteds changing tha name ta "Midnight Monday Mortification." but i finks she looks really coot.

Manx Mews posted an article frum PC World 'bout tha recent Blogger troubles. Verry interestin ta reads... i didn't knows they wuz hacked.

Emma's Blog has this amazing photo of Marley in a "Casper-like" pose. 'n check out tha massive FBs 'n blue eyes! Wowza, him's a hansum kittie.

'n let's all check out the blog of a new furriend from Argentina, Catzee's Torti Tuesday photo. i loves to hide in sackies, too. can't figgure out whys they always finds me, kin u's, Catzee. puzzlement.

o, 'n checks out Missy's Tabbie Tuesday pikshures. she be doin hers favorite 'tivity, nappin. 'n u kin sees Quincy fev-vers by hers paw, so she's been playin.

Little Mittens is scheduled ta be picked up at 1:30 pm pa-cifik times. there's a rumor she's be posting later, if hers up to it. we wuz worried 'bout Mittens.

'n Sweet Ariel wants ta knows if anyones haf used a Ionic Air Purifier 'n woulds it helps hers mommies aller-geez?

don't forgets to check out Adventures from the Farm. they's got a sceery pikshure of a gnormous spider 'n lots of stuffs 'bout nat-ral dye fur yarns 'n recipes 'n fun stuffs. i'd likes to chase that spider, maybe. might gets Jack to helps me, he be a viking cat.

o... Lil One stealed mines golden paw -- u gots ta checks it out. likes she wuzn't cute enougfs alreedy. but i bets it matches hers bee-you-tee-ful golden eyes.

...now, off ta naps a bit...

ree-ported by Offishul Repurrter KC, purrrrr purrrrr....


CCLTsite said...

KC baby, you are doing a great job as official reporter. Goodness the older you get the better you are. I'm sitting here trying to help Mom type and she sure doing a lousy job. (Yes Casper, you are in the way sweet baby boy.) Mom keeps telling me I'm a sweet boy. Geeesh.


girlwithasword said...

Violet is helping me type, she says to say hello to everyone.....she's shy, or I'd put more pics of her on the the blog...I'll tell her you're all REAL nice and friendly and maybe shy Violet will pose pretty!
-maggie from prairielandherbs

KC said...

o, we wants to see shy violet...pleeze....

Patches & Mittens said...

What a wonderful job you are doing! This is super!!

The Big Piney Woods Girls

Emma's Kat said...

Yes, definately a great job at reporting! Thanks so much for the mention of Mooley's Look at That Face! photo!! I tried to add it to Monday's post, but Blogger would not allow it! Nor would Blogger allow me to post the Ferral Cat Day graphic. Oh well.

Villana said...

Hello! I don't speak english very well, but I understand too much.
I wanna thank you for the message!
I'll visit the blog frecuency.


Jack said...

'course I'll help you KC. I put the bitey on spiders all the time. But that sure is a big one, so I think I need Hreinarsbana, this time.

Let me think about the best way to hunt it and I'll get back to you in a day or so.