Monday, October 16, 2006

10/16 - News

Pumpkin at Amazing Felines is home but very weak and ill and needs our prayers. They haf losted three kitties from FIP within a few weeks time: tha twins, Sake (10/12) and Sushi (10/4), and Mudpie (9/28).

Mittens of The Calico Girls is sick wif a tummy problem. She haf hads this off and on for tha past eight months. Another vet diagnosed it as IBS. Calico Mom Toni haf just posted that Mittens is at tha vet fur blood work and possibly other tests. She will post tha results as soon as she knows sumfing.
**UPDATE* 1:00 PM....Blood work looks good! Possible just a food allergy. Keeping her overnight and rehydrating her, giving penicillin and another antibiotic, change in diet. Yeah!!! Thanks for all the purrayers!!! -- Calico Mom Toni

Gracie is sick and at tha vet rights now, to trys and determine what be wrong wif her. Tha vet is concerned that Gracie be at tha age where things start ta "shut down". Hopefully, howevers, it could be's as simple as thigh royd problems.
**UPDATE* 4:36 PM....Just got a call… pancreatisis or something like that, Gracie on IV drip for a while. Seven hours since last barf, vet says very good outlook, will stay overnight and see from there.-- Laurence Simon, CatCall

'n Casper's Mom talked to Oscar's Mommie, Kim about her lil boy, Sean, who is sick 'n in tha hos-pit-tal. Kim's may finds out mo' informashion todays 'bout what's wrong wif him. Keeps Sean 'n hims whole fambly in ur's prayers 'n purr-rayers.
**UPDATE* 4:55 PM...Just spoke to Kim on the phone and Sean will be having surgery tonight or first thing in the morning. He ate at lunch time and in order to have surgery he has to have not eaten anything for at least 6 hours. So, Kim & nurses think that he probably won't have surgery until the morning. His back has really been hurting him but he was able to take a nap, and that's good. Pray for continued strength for Kim. The not knowing is the hardest part! And it is a risky surgery, but the surgeon in confident it will go just fine. -- Kat

Pleeze, keeps all's our good furriends in ur thoughts 'n purrays today.

'n we've anothur new kitty bloggin wif us: Tiggy tha Tiny Tiger. Hims jus started postin on Friday tha 13th! Mr. Hendrix tha Kitty, who be furrly new ta bloggin, him tolds me 'bout Tiggy. Yea, more bloggin cats. Bloggin kitties rule!


Pumpkin (Honolulu, Hawaii) celly-brated his purrthday Sunday wif a big ol' earth-quake. Bet hims fambly will never furget Pumpkin's first birfday (hee-hee). Him's 'n his family r okay, including Quincy, tha green fev-ver ma-sheen. Me's glads to hear thats thems all okay.

'n i just gotted an email from Diva Kitty and Beau that Poi Mom and effurryone is okay in Poiland (O'ahu, Hawaii).

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