Monday, October 16, 2006

National Feral Cat Day News

Happy National Feral Cat Day too all our feral furriends and our furriends who used to be feral! I was a feral kitty myself, til I dopted Mommy. And so was KC! So we gots all former feral ree-purrters. hehehe (We'd let in a non-feral ree-purrter tho if they wanted to ree-purrt.)

URGENT NEWS: Texas Cats Need Help
Their Daddy is furry furry sick and has brain damage and their Mommy isn't going to be able to keep their house. The 3 kitties need new homes or they will have to go to a shelter. :( See Skeezix's post for more information. If you can help them get to a good home or to a no kill shelter, or adopt one or more of them, please help. Fanks!
It's also Midnight Monday and Meezer Monday. We know that Rascal, and Grr Midnight and Cocoa, Mr. Hendrix, Jack, Turtle, and Hot(M)BC's Pepi have posted for Midnight Monday. And Mao is doing Meezer Monday. Who else? Let us know and we'll add them to the list!

Mini says FANK YOU LOTS to all the kitties who joined the Carnival of the Cats #134 at our place this weekend. She got 57 treats!!! Well, she's gettin them. Mom said she didn't want Mini barfing treats all ofur the place, so she's gettin them a few at a time. She'll be done eating treats by Chrissymas maybe. hehehe

Ree-purrted by Sanjee


Jack said...

I posted for Midnight Monday too!

I'm glad all the eathquaked kitties are ok, and I'm sending purrs to all the sick kitties from way up north. I hope cold purrs help.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

the dread pirate blogger took my picture. it is there now!