Friday, October 06, 2006

10/06 - Frootbat Friday

ok, hi,'s Frootbat Friday. so's i finks bouts Skeezix 'n Lux.

bof of 'em haf cute baby pict-shures posted this week. they was sure cute little fings, too. 'n they bof kept them han-sum, dis-tin-gushed faces even afters they all growed up.

Lux shows a baby photo, when hims was a itty bitty fang, that hims a "natural" in front o' tha camera. Hims knew how ta do tha "paw drape", wif no coachin or nuffin.

now Skeezix, wif fancy feast on hims nosie, also looks reel cutes in hims pic-shure. An hims added a "fun aktivity", a "do it urselfs" frootbat. u's kin biggify tha ears, tha nosie, tha eyes, jus any parts of tha face. u's kin squishie it, too. then, whens it be jus purrfect, u's kin print a copy of ur's very own creation. fanks, Skeezix.

here's my frootbat pic-shure... purrty good, huh.

i's gotta be on tha lookout fur more Frootbat Friday pic-shures. If you sees any, pleeze let me know 'n i'll post 'em heres...

okays, i finks i learnt 'bout the orey-gins of Frootbat Friday. Kaze left me's a comment that she's tha orey-gee-nal Frootbat. i looks at hers pict-shure today 'n finks she be right. she's likes tha King of tha Frootbats. an very purrty ears, looks likes thems bin biggified. i finks Frootbats be very han-sum. u's gotta see Kaze's pic-shures.

any more Frootbats out theres?

u's must go ta Emma's bloggie 'n sees tha "5 Things That Make You Go Awwwwww...". my mommie luvs tha kitty paw pad pic-shure. but be carefool, if'n u's beans makes lotsa louds "ooohhhh"-ey 'n "awwwwwww"-ey, then don't tells um bouts it. consider ur selfs warned.


Kaze said...

Hey don't forget about me on Frootbat Friday! I'm the original starter of frootbat friday.

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh cool KC! Great article bouts Frootbat Friday. Good Kaze said somefin cuz no matter how much we tries we can't keep track of efurryfing! We needs more staff! hehehehe

KC said...

i knows, i feels bad 'cause i didn't 'member Kaze 'n she's like tha king o' tha frootbats 'n shes started tha frootbat friday.

'n did u's check out hers jumpin skills on hers bloggie? mommie sez it looked like Kaze gots "sum big air". hee-hee.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Wow! Frootbats! We think they are so cool!

The Taylor CatSSSSS

KC you are a great repurrtor!

Hot(M)BC said...

Aw, don feel bad KC. *headbutts* You's a great ree-purrter, but efun the greatest ree-purrter can't know efurryfin alla the time!

Emma's Kat said...

Thanks so much KC for mentioning Emma's blog!

Keep up the good reporting!

KC said...


o, 'n fanks u so muchs Kat, fur tha paw pad pic-shure 'n now mommie is followin my paws aroun wif that camera, she's tryin ta flip me's over 'n get pic-shures of my little feet bottoms.
yeah, fanks lots.

Kaze said...

Aw KC, don't feel bad!! You are a GREAT reporter and there are so many blogging kitties to keep track of. I really appreciate you guys keeping track of everything!

Anonymous said...

kc - I think you did a great job reporting, and especially like that you noticed my "paw drape" (even if I did point it out in my comment).

::bowing head in all humility::


P.S. Skeezix and Kaze, your photos rule!