Thursday, October 05, 2006

10/05 - More Sad News...Purrrrayers Needed

Mom Kate, of the Tower Hill Mob, is ill. Mom Kate wented to tha hosy-pi-tal Wednesday evening wif congestive heart failure. She be better and am bein released today.

But hers haf heart dis-ease since hers was little. Check out hers blog fur tha details from Daddy Ken...big medi-cal words.

Poor Mom Kate, she haf been so worried 'bouts little Tilly. Now we's worried 'bouts hers.

Efurryone, send Mom Kate 'n Daddy Ken, Tilly 'n Toby, lotsa purrs 'n purrrr-rayers 'n luv paws.

I wants ta fanks Grr, Midnight & Cocoa fur bringin this ta ours atten-shun.

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