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Weekend Cat News #4

Weekend Blogging Cat News #4

Welcomes to the latest edition of the Weekend Blogging Cat News. It's all about us cats!

New Furriends / New Cat Blogs

Catzee, Rascal's new lil Sisfur.

Leo and Bambi who inspired the Paw Path Litter Mat.

Luxor. Luxor has gree eyes!

Monkeybunkey! He's got a stroller too!

Fun Kitty Roundups for This Week

Carnival of the Cats hosted this week by Begin Each Day
Friday Ark #103 at The Modulator
Weekend Cat Blogging #66 hosted by Chef Sarah Jane.

Up Close and Purrsonal

  • Princess Mia has a new brofur, Tigey.
  • We's furry happy to reeport that the Lone Star Purrs Mimi is back home from the hospital Yay! AND they's got a new sisfur, Emmy! What a sooper week for Meeko and Kiara!
  • This coming week TRH Prince Brutus and Prince Marigold go in for their respective surgeries on the 14th.We'll be sending purrs and purrayers that their surgeries go wondermously and they recover furry quickly.
  • Jade was rescued by Karen C from a shelter where she was starvin to death cuz she was too skeered to eat!!!A Nice Lady named Norma is lookin after Jade and trying to help her out, long with the V-E-T who's tryinto figger out what's wrong with Jade's tummy. Let's all send purrayers and purrs to Jade.
  • Zebby is still waitin to be 'dopted. He's a foster of Emma's Kat. He's so handsome and sweet we jus can't figger it out! Please send up purrs and purrayers for him to find his furrever home.
  • Cheysuli got her very first vote! And she hasn't even started runnin fer office yet. Go Chey!
  • Latte the Meezer had his first purrthday this week! His meowmy tells his story bout how he dopted her and his Daddy here.
  • Chatham, one of our Senior Blogosphere Catizens had to go the ER V-E-T Furriday because he woke up with a swollen face. Poor Chatham! We's sendin lotsa purrs and purrayers for him to get all better quicky.
  • Our buddy Beau has a V-E-T appointment Monday. Lucky for him, he gets to sleep through this V-E-T appointment cuz he's gotta get his teefies cleaned and stuff.
  • Fat Eric shared the sad news wif us that Jaffa, a member fo the Gorgeous Gingers, had a bad accident and had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. We sends lotsa purrs to Jaffa's bean Michael for his sadness.
  • Brandi and Mom Carol sends lots of big FANKS to all the catizens or the blogosphere and their beans who've helped them out so far. They are doing better, but Mom Carol is still looking for a job -- with broken glasses, no less! Eeek! If you can help out any time, for any amount, visit here to find out how. Oh, and go see pikshurs of Brandi! We's furry glad to see her cute facey finally!
  • Our furriend Luna is still losted. We're gonna keep purrayin and sending purrs that she'll get home safe.
  • Charlie's Gotcha Day Party is this coming Furriday! Friday 15th September at 10pm UK time at the BritCats blog. See his post for more info, and a link to a clocky thingy to figure out what time that is for you!
  • Max's and Buddah's beans are startin to get ready to move again. We offers our sympathies to our furriends Max and Buddah. Their beans moves too much. *kitty nods*
The 2996 and the Cat Blogosphere

9/11 memorials have started goin up 'round the blogosphere and more will go up between now and Monday, 9/11. Many of us are members of 2996, posting tributes to the lives of folks who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center. At this second now, I know of Finny and Buddy's Tribute, and Oreo's Tribute. Do you knows of more up already? Let me know if you do and I'll list 'em!

Did you know that Mom Toni of the Big Piney Woods wroted a poem about 9/11? It's on the Calico Girls website! Furry nice poem, Mom Toni!

Ree-ports from Around the Cat Blogosphere

Millie found the CAT manual for us. You should make sure your beans have access to this manual!

Finny and Buddy introduced us kitties of the Cat Blogosphere to Cat Cars and a Bizzy Box. They has a link to the Blue Bird Gardens that shows how to get your beans to make you your furry own cat car! Check it out! (image:

Bravely Sir Robin reports about the Cat with his own wheelchair.

Jasper shares lessons about painting. Be sure your beans read this one too.

KT Cat, Maximum Leader of the Feline Theocracy, reports 72 straight days of no vampire attacks! I's purry sure I missed somefin cuz I don't know why KT Cat finks vampires would attack, but it's good news!

Bombay's cat staff reported about the sad accidental death of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. Crikey, Steve, we can't believe you're gone! Timothy Dickens lit a candle in bean Irwin's memory.

DaisyMae Maus informs cats and beans alike about the word "wonk".

Missy demonstrates the Classic Hiss to her new little sisfer KC.

Rocky the Gutter Cat shows how we can find our Reel Age in hyuman years.

Oscar the Cat made an excellent appearance as Kat's Cat of the Day on Wednesday.

Empress Kukka-Maria did not have a glowing experience during her time as a Wal-Mart greeter, sadly. We offers our condolences to Empress Kukka on losing her employment only hours after startin her job. Or should we offers concatulations?

Derby, aka Smiley Boy, is in a Smiling Cat Contest. Go vote for him! We did :)

Vishus Deer have been sighted at Oreo's! We hope Oreo gets his can of Mao and Rocky's Vishus Deer Repellunt before the Vishus Deer go marauding too much at Oreo's house.

This guy thoughted that Friday Cat Blogging was a weird tradition. But yanno, he did it too this week! We cats are irresistible!

The cool beans who run Blue Bird Gardens (the place that shows how to make cat cars!) also has catnip mousies! Yes, you can get your furry own catnip mousie and support the folks who teached us a tutorial how to make cat cars! Woo hoo! They also gots cat quilts and all kindsa ofur stuff for cats and cat lovin beans. Lookie at the pikshure - it's a TUXIE quilt!

Edsel posted his concern that roosters are takin ofur! You can read why here. We can't let the roosters take ofur! How can we stop this???

Cat Channel is new to me that I learned bout from Derby, when he entered their smilin contest. And Bambi and Leo says it's been redesigned. It's a neato site. Thanks for introducin us to it, Derby!

Our Site! Mommy... um... our cat staff... finally gotted our site up for us at Yay! Brandi is our furry first Honorary Catizen too! Go see our honorary catizens page. We luv all our furriends and anycat (or fluffy or scaly or bean) can be an honorary catizen (or fluffizen or scalizen or beanizen) if you wants to! We'll efun make you a badge for your blog or site where you can linky to the catizens page if you wants (or just enjoy your badge on your blog or site) and put a linky to your bloggy or site on the catizens page.

Ree-port Cat News!

I's only got so many eyeses and pawses, and only one typing lady! So sometimes I misses somefing. If you know of cat blogosphere news or general cat newses, please let me know so's I can post it in the weekend news, or sooner if it's urgent news stuff. We's made it sooper easy to ree-port cat blogosphere news, just go to the news reportin page and send it. I'll give you credit for ree-portin it, wif a linky to your bloggy!

Signin off fur now.
Have a sooper dooper week!
~~ Sanjee, Offishul Ree-porter


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Sanjee - we saw where Ayla is also having purrthday party on the 15th. We want to make sure we make it to hers & Charlies