Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weekend Cat News #3

Weekend Blogging Cat News #3
Labor Day Weekend 2006

Finny and Buddy joined Ramona's Top Cats and posted
about Ramona's big Dream
as their first of the month "Do Good Things" Blogging
Join Ramona's Top Cats or sponsor cute lil Ramona to
Help Make Ramona's Dream Come True!

Sanjee's Ree-ports from Round the Cat Blogosphere

Weekly Kitty Fun Roundups: Visit the Friday Ark #102, Carnival of the Cats Hosted by Watermark this Sunday, and Weekend Cat Blogging may be at Miss Ellie's Page as far as we can tell. hehehe

Our furriend Cosmo shows a video of a cat that loves woofies! I wouldn'ta beleeved it if I didn't seed it for myself!

Bubbles and Mrs. B's Mom has a bad case of OCCTBD. Do any of yous know if dere's help fur that?

Princess Mia's Mom ree-ports the most amazin story about Belly-Flap the Cat who survived a fire and camed to live wif them.

After some scheduling confusions, HRH Prince Brutus is due to have his Hoo-Ha-ectomy, and HRH Princess Marigold, her Ladigardenectomy on September 14. We wishes our lil Royal Furriends trubble-free surgeries and quickest recoveries.

Up Close and Purrsonal
Vishus Deer Repellent Now Available
from Mao and Rocky

Honor the Membory of a Kitty at the Rainbow Bridge

Nine Lives I Had has putted out the call fur pikshures and stores bout our furriend kitties who've gone to the Rainbow Bridge. See the blog for info on how to get your Rainbow Bridge kitty honoreded there.

Pet Prayers and Praises Blog

Pet Purrayer and Purraise Blog was started by ML (Missy and KC's Mommy) and Kat (Emma's Mommy) for all us bloggin cats and our beans! From the blog yall can email ML or Kat to get a prayer request or praise request, or you can ask to be invited to join so's you can post it yourself.

Specist News

Tipper of Crew's Views reeported about specist groc'ry store wif woofy ice cream but no cat ice cream.

There are too many woofies and not enuff kitties at the Pet Blogs Network! It's free to sign up your blog, just gotta put a button on your blog. So sign up now. Don't let the woofies take ofur!


Brandi and Brandi's Mom Carol send fanks to efurrycat and bean that has helped them out and sent them good wishes and cheers since Mom Carol was laid off. Mom Carol is still trying to find a job and still needs our help, though -- it's rent time and the county cut off her food and medicine benefits. Our Mommy (HotMBC Mom Robyn) is sponsoring a donation page at her business site so it's real easy to help by donatin online or by mail. Or you can email us at catsnmomATcrystalsandjewelryDOTcom for more info bout things they need or how to send them a cheery card or somefing. Purrayers and good wishes and happy thoughts things are LOTS of help too, Brandi's Mom says. :)

New Furriends

Join us in welcomin these new furriends to the Cat Blogosphere this week.

  • Eclair, (Don get so 'cited Mommy! Eclair is a CAT, not chockylate!) who got 'dopted cuz of Skeezix's blog!
  • Jake and Bathsheba, kitties from here in Furrginia like us at the Hot(M)BC!
If you knows of furriends who's new to the Cat Blogosphere, please let us know so's we can welcome them pawperly.

More Ree-ports frum the Cat Blogosphere

Cat Only Contest!
Ends September 5 at 11:59pm so's hurry ofur!
Skeezix is hafin a Guess the 400th Post Date Contest. All ya gotta do is be a cat and guess. Dat's easy enuff!

Pablo, who was fostered by Emma's Kat, was adopted. Yay!

We's got a new bloomin kitty romance in the Cat Blogosphere when Cocoa wrote a poem for Angie and gaved her flowers!

We's got our furry own website now called! We're gonna put all kindsa stuff there for kitties. If you wanna see it now, you can.

Cat News and Concerns Newsletter by Hot(M)BC email list is ready now! (We gotted the idea of callin it "Cat News and Concerns" by us, from Missy and KC's ML. Fanks for the idea ML!) If you wanna, you can join our new email list to get cat news and alerts bout cat events like blogging parties, 'doption drives and all kindsa stuff. You can join up here or at the bottom of any page on our site, and a'course you can unsubscribe any time if you want and we won't bug you bout it.

Speakin of Missy, she did somefing furry unusual this week. Go see!

I gots to go sleep on Grandma's feet for a while now. So that's all the ree-portin for this week.

If you has Cat News you'd like updated or ree-ported, email me here.

We hopes you has a furry wunnerful an safe Labor Day weekend and new week!

Purrs :)