Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Parties This Friday & Saturday

September 15 is Party Time!

Charlie of BritCats is havin his Gotcha Day party on September 15 at 10pm UK time. Charlie's mum helpfully provided the link to World Clock so anycat can figure out just what time that is. (I used it to find out that it's 5pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time!)

Ayle the Grump is havin her purrthday party later that evening, US time. We'll let you know exactly what time. She wants us all to join her in driving the humans nuts. If you can't figure out the time, just drop in any time Friday afternoon/evening to help in her quest to drive the beans crazy. hehehe

September 16 is Party Time

Skeezix is having a humongous party over at Catster! You have to be a Catster member, but that's easy and free. Pop over a day or two early to get an invite from Skeezix to join the FOS (Frends of Skeezix) group so you can attend the party. Oh, and don't furget your party hat!

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