Monday, November 06, 2006

Tha Monday Noos

Dona Nobis Pacem BlogBlast - Toozday 11/7

Skeezix posted on him's bloggie about Mimi's idee fur a Dona Nobis Pacem blogblast. Chey will be joinin in, too. That means Grant Us Peace. Effuryone would get a badge to display. u's kin personlize it, wif a piksure or jus ur's name r jus leave it blank, but we's all displays 'em tomorrow. sounds like a furry good idee. u kin gits instrukshuns 'n a badge from Mimi's blog.

Check out Mimi's blog for "This just in -- Cat's are blogging for Peace"

Go to the Peace Globe Gallery to see all entries received.


i's finded the most amazin Meezer fur Meezer Monday. Him name's Caesar 'n he be from Australia... look at those deep blue eyes 'n tha bee-you-tee-ful black heart-shaped nosie. They's also hosted tha Carnival of The Cats #137 yesserday.

Checks out Emma's Bloggie fur Marley's Meezer Monday piksures. him's almost cuddlin wif Benji. guess it be tha cooler, snugglin weather.

Jake 'n Bathsheba haf a post of thems handsum cousin Toby.
Ta celly-brate Meezer Monday, Latte haf pictures from hims Gotcha Day 'xactly one year ago today. Happy Gotcha Day, Latte.

Rascal haf a great MIDNIGHT MONDAY piksure. 'n there's one of Blackie posted on Pumpin's Bloggie, too. also, sadly, i missed a Formerly Feral Friday post of little Tiger wif tha cutest piksure of hims.

Tha 'dorable house-panther HockeyPuck is once again featured Midnight Monday at Petronious' bloggie. They's mentioned he be growin fast, seems ta haf growed since last week!

Those Meowers from Missouri posted "as close as they can get to Meezer Monday" with a piksure of them's balinese cousin, Charlie Fluffytail.

Smudge haf a MIDNIGHT MONDAY piksure 'n maybe a see-crit frum efurryones. Tha post says: Smudge knows. He knows how sick he is. Him wented back ta tha today V-E-T fur 48-hours of IV 'n ultra-sounding of hims kidneys. Pleeze keep hims in your purrayers, an him's fambly.


Yesserday was Darlin Millie's three month Gotcha Day-versary.

Sweet Ariel's Mommie is getting better, finally. her's mommie is stayin wif hers ta care fur thems 'n spoiling Ariel. Stop by 'n leave hers a get well message.

Meowers of Missouri founded little Tara, the Canadian kitty whose first blog had disappeared from blogger. fanks, Nels, Ed, Nitro 'n Xing fur bein such good cat ree-purters 'n dee-tek-tives.

Tha November Party wuz a huge success, lotsa fun fur effurryone. Missy, Bear 'n I wented, we had so much fun. fanks so much to Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!). 'n guess what else? Mr. Hendrix asked Brandi to be him's girlfriend at tha party.

Vishus Deer Update: Will this effer end? Skeezix haf a post today bout Vishus Deer attacking some woofies. bigg woofies! skeery stuff.

A 2nd 'n 3rd Update: Skeezix haf repurrted on hims bloggie anuffer in-see-dent wif Vishus Deer, very very close to Skeezix's house. 'n Mommie 'n i's watching tha news, 'n a deer falls into a lady's pool here in Houston. tha peoples said they was skeered the deer would git them. u kin see this horry-fying story fur urselfs at KHOU Houston.

agin, i got to say fanks ta Nels, Ed, Nitro 'n Xing fur bein such good cat ree-purters 'n keeping us all posted about tha Vishus Deer updates.

'n i gotted an email yesserday wif this piksure in it, it wuz frum Nonny Mouse, don't know if it be tha same one Jack was bloggin 'bout? sure be a terry-fyin piksure.

i'll be updating this all day long, so check back fur tha latest. 'n if u haf sumfing to ree-purt, sumfing u sees on a blog that we's should know abouts, pleeze leave a comment or emails me or Sanjee. fanks.

reepurted by KC

Offishul Repurrter fur tha Cat Blogosphere


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)


Daphne said...

Ooooh! I'm so excited that you're spreading the Peace news!

I knew I could count on my furry friends to help spread Miss Mimi's Peace Globes!

peace be with you,

crazymeezer said...

Thank you for including me and your compliments. I'm always telling everyone I'm beautiful, it's nice to hear someone else say it :-)

Skeezix the Cat said...

Thanks fer gitting the werd owt abowt the vishus deer, KC. Yer VARY BRAVE to keep posting on this topik after gitting that terryfiying thret in the male!