Friday, June 23, 2006

Cationary Part I

Cationary Part I is ready!
So far I have 82 Catonese words listed. I'll be adding stuff like who came up with them or the definitions - if I can find out. But for now, here's a good start! Make your beans come read up so they'll have a clue.
If you know of more Catonese words that should be listed, please send them to me and I'll be happy to add them.
~~ Boni

catword definition
Attack of the Tabbies a club or gang of tabby cats
beans human beings
biggify to make bigger
binkies how a fluffy expresses joy
bloody mousie non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
Catango feline tango, a very sexy feline dance
cationary cat dictionary
Catitude cat attitude, the Proper Attitude
catizen cat citizen
catnip and tonic non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
Catolympics Cat Olympics, founded by Beau
catonese cat language
chattering noise cats make when watching prey
chittering noise cats make when watching prey
Coats of Many Colors a social club for all colors of cats
delectible niblet treat
dingleberry "butt poo" stuck in fur
floofy fluffy, as in a very floofy tail
fluffy rabbit
fluffy a furry animal
foofy fluffy, as in a very foofy tail
Furrginia Virginia
Gorgeous Gingers a club or gang of ginger cats
gotchaday adoption day, celebrated annually
grass eating monster lawn mower
Green Wall Shelter walgreen's
happy toes knead with paws
having a mad half hour going berserk chasing anything and nothing (may last any length of time
headbutts a cat greeting or sign of affection
hide-i-ness a state of hiding
hoo-ha-ectomy neutering
hoo-has testicles
House Panthers a club or gang of black cats
kitty crack catnip
Lassie Technique running to the location of something in hopes the humans will get it
little blurpy thing baby human
little sticky person human child
little wafers tiny children
loafing sitting with feet curled under the body
make biscuits knead with paws
meow cat language
meowgarita non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
Mericky America, USA
mewdriver non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
monsters huge large noisy machines run by beans
motor running purring
neck thingy collar
nipfizz non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
niptini non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
nooter neuter
pancakeing curling up in a ball
party-in-my-mouth treat
pawtrait paw portrait
pina purrlada non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
poodin cat
purquila sunrise non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
purr machine going purring
purr thingy cat thingy that purrs
purrthday birthday
sandpaper kisses kitty kisses with sandpapery kitty tongue
scritch on the beach non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
scritches ear, neck, chin or other nice rubs and scratches
Secret Paws secret gift exchange started by DKM
Singapurr Singapore
singapurr sling non-alcoholic cat beverage, a favorite at cat parties
skinny cutting monster weed trimmer
squillions a really really huge number
stinky goodness moist cat food
sunspots patches of sun to nap in
tasty delight treat
telerport teleport, mode of transportation to cat parties n such
thundercats running up and down stairs loudly
TLO two legged one, human
treatsies cat treats
tub hockey hockey played in the tub
tub soccer soccer played in the tub
Tuxedo Gang a club or gang of tuxedo cats
Tuxedo Gun Moll girlfriend of a member of the Tuxedo Gang
Whiskonsin Wisconsin
wildlife watch bird watching, may also extend to watching other critters
woofies dogs
zwei-noodle two cat lap sit


Aloysius said...

I love the "cationary"! Here are two more, and I'd appreciate getting credit for them, please.

catted - to have a cat in one's lap; also, to be possessed by a cat

catted rule - the catted will be waited upon by the uncatted

See this post:

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh cool! Fanks Aloysius! I'll put your words in and give you credits for them. Is catymology one of your words too? Should we put that one in? What's the definition you'd like to use?
~~ Boni

Victor Tabbycat said...

Walgreens is the Green Wall Garden Ornament Shelter cuz that's where the garden ornament cats came from.
Bonnie's got one: Bean Brain. It means being stoopid and furgetful. "I felt like such a bean brain when I tripped on the toy."
An there are ofur state names like Catifornia an Vir-ginger an Mew York, Mew Jersy, an Mew Mexico. Or the area Mew England.
Oh, some scary ones: V-E-T, T.E.D. (The Evil Doctor), and Stabby Place.
Ok, out of ideas. Time to attack my mousie.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Can I get credit for this one? ITS: Irritible Tail Syndrome. It's not a laughing matter. Just cuz you fink there's no reason to get booshy... well, anyway, for those who are a bit, shall we say, jumpy, ITS is annoying.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

This is FANTASTIC! I'd love to have a copy of this...It is really wondereful and very helpful, too!

Thank you for your Birthday Wishes...They are much appreciated, my little furries...!

The Meezers or Billy said...

Good job on this! it's furry furry good!

Anonymous said...

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