Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WCB Schedule

WCB = Weekend Cat Blogging

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The WCB weekend roundup usually starts sometime Friday and the WCB roundup post is made Saturday or Sunday. Yep, we cats aren’t so grate at clocks! hehehe

2007 WCB Schedule

  • Sher at What Did You Eat has volunteered to pick up every second weekend of the month for 2007. Thanks Sher! If you want to do a WCB weekend, though, Sher will let you have a second weekend of the month. We’ll work with you on scheduling. :)

2008 WCB Schedule

To volunteer to host WCB one weekend, just email Sanjee and let us know. :)

Previous 2007 WCB Roundups

Fanks lots for hosting yall!

About WCB

Weekend Cat Blogging Roundup wuz started by a Clare at Eatstuff.net so the weekend cat bloggin wuz a speshul fing an not a dailee fing. Clare is no longer postin to her bloggy, but Sarah and Tiggy and ofurs kept it goin. Lotsa WCB folkses are peeple who just blog bout their kitties they luvs on the weekends. But we cats haf started joinin in too and they’s maded us furry welcome.

ANY cat post speshully wif pikshurs can be in WCB.

Here’s an exampul:
If I wuz KC and wanted to do it and put in my Formerly Feral Furriday post that KC posted tooday, heere’s what I’d put in the comments:

Pleeze add me to WCB.
I’s hafin a grate time nappin in my box.
My linky is http://missyblueeyes.blogspot.com/2007/01/former-feral-friday.html

Or efun just ask to be added is ok.

It’s furry nice to linky back to the WCB hostin site of the week, and it’s lots and lots appresheeated (speshully cuz it helps folks see all the WCB posts) but yoo don’t gots to advertize. Please also linky to the Weekend Cat Blogging skedule page if yoo wants or instead to this page here if yoo wants, so’s peeple n cats can find their way.

Sarah and Tiggy have been busy with life stuff distracting them from WCB. We furgive them for that fur sure! It happens to all of us sumtimes. Us cats at the Cat Blogosphere haf volunteered to keep the schedule until Sarah and Tiggy (or somebody else) wants to keep it. So here’s the schedule for 2007 so far.

Ree-purrted by Sanjee

We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

Need purrs n purrayers for kitties or ofur critters & their beans, or got praise for 'em?
Let the folks at the Pet Prayer & Praise Bloggy know too!

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