Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Project H.A.M.

Project Help A Meezer


PROJECT Help A Meezer

Let's help Miles (and Sammy) keep eating ham
while Mom & Dad Meezer job hunt

The Meezers are usually the first to help when a call goes out for assistance for others. Now they need a little help themselves. Our good friends, Sammy and Miles, are in a bit of a pinch, as their Mom and Dad Meezer are both out of work.

Their area is very limited in available jobs. Mom Meezer had a temporary job that just ended. She recently had three interviews for a job she thought she had, then it fell through. It would be difficult for her to take a job in a different city or state, as she has to care for her mom, who is very ill and lives nearby. Dad Meezer lost his full time job almost a year ago when the company closed, and has been doing commission work that pays very little since, so he's desperately looking for a new full-time job. He is now looking in other states, which is very hard on the family.

The Cat Blogosphere is accepting donations for our good friends, the Meezers. If you can help, even just a few dollars -- it does add up -- please send to my PayPal account by clicking the button below or using my Paypal email: sherwoodc (at) sbcglobal (dot) net. Be sure and specify the payment is for The Meezers. As usual, we will pay all transaction fees, shipping, whatever so they get 100% of your gift.

To get funds to the Meezers fastest, you can now send money online directly to them via PayPal! When we started this, it was a secret and we didn't realize they have their own PayPal account and can accept any type of credit/debit card or whatever that PayPal accepts.

<- Goes direct to The Meezers, part of Project H.A.M. :)

If you would prefer to send a check or money order, or send a Walmart or Target gift card, just leave a comment or email and we'll get you an address. Remember, again, any gift, no matter how small, will make a difference.

<-- Goes to Momma ML for The Meezers

We are also planning a raffle with some neat items, Cats With A Past! And Grr, Midnight & Cocoa have suggested the ever-popular Challenges!

LOOK: Kashim and Othello are auctioning goodies for Project Ham! thru Midnight Sun 12/2/07

H.A.M. CHALLENGE from Grr, Midnight and Cocoa: "We’re bringing back the Challenges, like we did last year, and we’re starting with one of our favorite ones. We Challenge KC and Missy’s mom, ML, to post a single un-photoshopped photograph containing as many cats and kittens as she can. We will contribute $5.00 per feline in the photo to Project H.A.M.."

ANOTHER H.A.M. CHALLENGE: Abbie wrote: My brofurs and sisfur had a contest meeting last night and counted out our allowances and decided to offer a Project HAM challenge to the blogophere - we will donate $1 to project HAM for effuryone who enters out contest. We hope to have a lot of pawticipants so we can donate our allowances to a great cause.

LOOK: "The Quest for Ham" Game by Skeeter and LC to earn green papers for Project H.A.M. for Miles and Sammy Meezer. Way cool game! For $5, $10 or $25 donation to Miles n Sammy, yoo gets regular, deluxe or sooper version of the game. Woo hoo!

Purrs, KC and Momma ML

pee ess: we wants to fank Mom Ann at Zoolatry fur tha stunning grafik an finking up tha name of tha project, H.A.M. an of course, Mom Robyn & Sanjee, cause Project H.A.M. really was a team effort. purrss... KC

pee ess ess: And fanks to these cats who's done stuff for Project H.A.M. too!

LOOK: Cheysuli wrote: Our auction for Project Ham is up! This is your chance to win jewelry fit not only for a meezer, but for me!!! thru Midnight Fri 11/30/07 Chey writes: The auction is closed and I have a winner! Lilly Lu won my beautiful jewels! YEAH!

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