Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wacky Wednesday

Kimo & Sabi declared today to be Wacky Wednesday. i posted a pickshure of my big sisfur, Missy, in a candid pose. hee-hee. Kimo & Sabi haf a very lively action shot 'n Pumpkin looks a bit like a hungry lion. tha lovely Midnight settled fur a funny face. Dragonheart haf a bunch of pickshures. hee hee, take a look at Jake's Wacky Wednesday.

UPDATE: Check out Willow's Cat Blog today fur anoffer cat drinking out of sumfing other than a bowl, this time it's a ... beer pitcher! gurrreat pickshure, Willow.

UPDATE: Snowy has a great photo fur White Tummy Wednesday and is lookin fur others to party-cipate. tha hansum Lux comes ta mind fur White Wednesday, fur sum reason!

if u's haf a special Wednesday post, email or comment so we's can all share it.

SPECIAL ALERT: Guess who is Kat's Cat of the Day today fur Wacky Wednesday? hint, if'n FBs 'n Liptitts 'n fuzz-a-duzz sound familiar, you'll know its got sumfings to do wif Rosie (who else). yup, go see Mouse, tha bee-you-tee-ful louche tabby 'n Rosie! this is probly an innernet scoop or sumfing, huh Kat.

we'ves gots anuffer new bloggie, this one from Kattonic Cats: We gots a bloggie, finally momma gots off her butt, um, I mean, um, she gots some time and made us a bloggie! Maybe tomorrow she'll figure out how to gets the picshers of us off Daddies puter and put them on our blog...ree-purrted by Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

n anuffer new bloggie, Lily's Pad, ree-purrted by Mia 'n Ghost.

CHALLENGE UPDATE: One of tha latest challenges wuz frum Daphne 'n Not tha Mama to Merlin ta write a luv poem fur Daphne. ta make it more diffycult, there wuz a list of words that had to appears in tha poem. whew. but Merlin did it...check it out here.

UPDATE: Kat's Emma haf maded a challenge to Boo of Manx Mnews.

ree-purrted by KC


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Anonymous said...

I have a wacky Wednesday picture up too. :)

Mia and Ghost said...

KC ... we just found a new bloggie... Tiger Lily just started hers.

Beau said...

I had a Tuesday picture posted of me helping mom with decorating for Christmas and telling all about it. Today's post is an update about mom's teeth.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Beau, what a cute picture. You can help us decorate anytime. You are a doll.