Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Toosday or Toesday...

Noos flashes

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kimo & Sabi ree-purrted that they be celly-brating WACKY WEDNESDAY tomorrows 'n asked if effurryone else woulds post. o, i gots a good one of Missy i's been saving....hee-hee-hee.

UPDATE: Libby Marie may have had a seizure, please keep her in ur's purr-rayers.

Garfield (the original) made his blogging debut today. He's big, He's bad, and he's purrrfect, in every way.

There's a new meme for cats, or for humans that are owned by cats, to take part in. It's called "Cats on Tuesday" and you can check out the details here: http://gattinamycats.blogspot.com/If you are a cat, you can share pictures of yourself or a story, or you can get your human/food person to share photos or stories...ree-purrted by Dragonheart

Reepurrted by Badness: The ASPCA has posted a good article on giving pets as gifts over the holiday season. I know our humans are responsible fur-parents but it is good information to share with others. Also the ASPCA has put out bulletin on Holiday Safety for all pets, woofies included. Good information for all fur-parents to remember at this time of the year. Kitty Kisses and Head Bonks, Badness

Jack dee-sided taday would be Toesday affer seeing pickshures of Grr's purrty paws yesserday fur Midnight Monday. hims posted pickshures of his big viking cat paws. i's posted my toesies, too.

UPDATE: Pumpkin has a Toesday post. 'n so does Victor & Bonnie.

UPDATE: welcome tha Cyclone Cats, Dazey, Jesse 'n Conner Cloud, to tha Blogosphere, they's celly-brating thems furrst Tummy Toosday.

These CHALLENGES started by Grr, Midnight & Cocoa r startin ta get interesting. Missy had ta ware a Santy hat, The Lady had to pets Grr's tum, the Taylor Catsssss had a guessin game, we had sum reel good poems...

Daphne jus sended this: Hello! I've joined in Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa's Challenge: I have challenged my handsome tabby-rific boyfriend Merlin to write me a luv poem at Purrchance To Dream for Totally Tabby Tuesday! Meow for now, ~Daphne

'n then The Lady went 'n done it. She made a Challenge to Maobert u's would not belief. worser, mine Mommie ML went 'n said she'd match tha funds to see it. i's apologized to Mao, fink he mights be reely mad. Skeezix might be a tad miffed, too, it be his boodwah robe.

This be the origy-nul challenge to Mao:
Challenge! THIS IS FROM OUR LADY WHO HAS A WARPED SENSE OF HUMOR - please don't be mad at us...I challenge you to post a picture of yourself wearing Skeezix's pink bathrobe from his boodwahr foto. For this, I'll donate $10.00 to Libby's fund for her vet bills. (since she's offering to light candles in memory of loved ones, I'll specify that the donation is in memory of Junior) - the Ladyservant to Grr, Midnight & Cocoa aka Karen

'n then mine Mommie posts:
What a grand idea. As further enticement, I will match the $10 to Libby Marie's fund, also in memory of Junior, for the chance to see Maobert in a Skeezix-Pink Robe. KC & Missy can't wait.

Mao, again, we apologyze, we haf nuffin ta do wif this.

if'n u r makin a Challenge, pleeze lets us know... they be so much fun 'n all tha money goes to a reel good cause to helps sum of our furriends get thru a hard time.

ree-purrted by KC
Purrrrrs to all 'n again, sorry Mao!


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Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Oh, no I'm not mifft - I don't mind Mao sharing my clothes as long as he duzn't git his smell on them. Problim is, he can't fit into my boodwah robe. (Most peepul don't realize whut a skinny runt I reely am) ... so we're gonna hafta figyr owt how to sqweeze Mao into it. The Food Lady has considerd going to Willyumms-Sonomuh and gitting a sausaje maker to help Mao sqweeze into it.