Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Toosday Affernoon Noos

we's gotted a new furriend, Daisy, a tortie wif frootbat ears, a very cute lil girl. Check out Daisy's bloggie, she's got some reely big lizards in hers backyard!

And at tha Taylor Catsssss, Spats wroted a song, WRECK THA HALLS. Hee-hee, sumfing us cats might jus knows a lil abouts.

Mom Robyn did it again, made anuffer great graphic fur us ta use. This is fur Seventh Heaven, which features healthy happy kitties fur adoption in tha Houston area (although cats can fly or go anywheres...). Check it out on me 'n Missy 'n Bear's bloggie. i haf tha code if you wants ta put it on yours bloggie, jus let me know. 'n fanks.

back a bit later...
ree-purrted by KC

jus gonna add a couple of fings...wuz lookin at tha comments an founded Willow's blog. She is celly-brating hers furrst Toesday, and so is China, on hers own bloggie. An then u's kin see China 'n Willow snugglin togeffer on Samawow's (Samantha) bloggie.

Also, just in case u's missed tha post, from this mornin, don't furrget to visit Dolce's Story Chair fur storytelling and kittie treats. Tonite be part I 'n it is a reely good story wif a woofie.


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