Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What are u Fankful fur?

First of all, i's feelin much better todays. i's very fankful fur that. got ta thinkin, wif it being tha day befur Thanksgiving, what all we haf ta be fankful fur. if you's wants to email me, i'll put it heres or we can reads as a comment.

i's fankful that Luxor and i is feeling better 'n i's very fankful that Oreo's mommie recovered from a very bad accident. i's fankful fur all tha good furriends on tha Cat Blogosphere.

we be very fankful that little Libby gotted a good ree-purrt from tha vet. she needed a miracle and she gots it. we wuz all purr-raying fur u's.


also, it be WIDE BODY WEDNESDAY and my biggie sisfur Missy has a great pose. Hee-hee, tha handsum Captain Casper sure noticed my purrty sisfur!

'n speakin of hansum, check out Jack's bloggie fur some gurreat widebodies, two of 'em...Jack 'n hims buddy Andy. wow, what two handsum cats.

'n Pumpkin's woofie, Pluto, makes a furry good widebody pose. him's anuffer good woofie, like mine's Bear.

i checked out Fat Eric's bloggie, but nuffin yet fur widebody wednesday. but there is a good pikshure of him's watching fur evil intruder kitties.

Rascal asks "am I wide or am I wordless" on hims bloggie. him's just cute.

'n Eric haf a furry nice widebody pikshure, hims a furry handsum gentleman kitty. 'n lady cats, Eric's looking fur a girlfurriend!

when u's finks of Widebody Wednesday, Grr always comes ta mind. she be anuffer vo-lump-ous lady cat like my big sisfur, Missy. checked her bloggie 'n they's all 'cited causes they got a package of goodies from Derby's contest. but checks out Grr's new winter BROWN furs. lookie at tha last pickshures - wowza, that be sum bee-you-tee-ful fur.


Skeezix haf a ree-purrt yesserday on him's bloggie that mine Mommie ML woodn't let me sees on accounts of it be too skeery 'n n-tense fur my little eyes ta handle. it is 'bout a narrowly averted tragedy involving thems plottin scheming Vishus Deer.

wells, it be time fur my pain meddy-kashun 'n a nap. i'll post mores later on. be sures to send in what u'r fankful fur, either email me or use tha comments.

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purrrrssss 'n fanks.....

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