Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cat Blogosphere Gift Ree-source List

Ta-da -- introducing our own Cat Blogosphere Gift Ree-source List -- we's making a listie of crafts and such for sale for gifts, made by our own talented furriends here in tha Cat Blogosphere.

wouldn't you alls rather buy or receive a nice giftie from a fellow blogging cat speshul made fur you than some ol store boughted gift. i sure would.

here's what i've gotted so fur...

Handmade Jewelry by Mom Robyn, very neat, especially tha cat jewelry. i haf mine own collar charm, too.

Beau's Mom also makes purrty Handmade Jewelry

Al & Linda makes tha beautiful personalized Cat Pillows and primitives wif verses.

Christina at Harmony Pillows makes tha mostest neatest toys, so pretty (and tough)

Prairieland Herbs fur organic, natural catnip, hydrosols, healing stuffs 'n my Mommie's favorite vanilla powder.

Pictors of Oreo would makes a great giftie 'n help hims sickly Mommie pay fur hers doktur bills. i's getting one of my own, autograffed by Oreo himself.

Squillions Stuff - what's a Squillion aka Green Wall Shelter Kitty? Click here 'n lurn.

Cat Friends Shop fur tha wonnerful Cat Bloggers 2007 Calendars 'n more...

Poopsie Cat for great, inexpensive, fresh organic grass seeds!

Tha Skeezix Store fur effurrything Skeezix

PsychoKitty Stuff for PsychoKitty Goodies Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Buddah Store for Cute Buddah Pest Goodies Added 11/22 by Sanjee

I Am So Cute
for Cute PsychoKitty Goodies Added 11/22 by Sanjee

The PsychoKitty Speaks Out, Max's Books Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Thumper Thinks Out Loud, The Store, Max's Mom's Shop Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Prairie Sunshine
Handmade Jewelry Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Hot(M)BC Cat Stuff at CafePress Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Everything Siamese by Cheysuli Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Diary of a Mad Cat Dorkus Goodies! Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Mary Kay by Lizzie, Knightly & Firenze's Mom Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Dickens Inc., Little Shop of Goodies from Timothy Dickens Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Cats & Paws CatOlympics Shop Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Kukka Coutoure
Added 11/22 by Sanjee

Come on, effurrbody, let us know if you want to be on our listie or know of someone who should be on tha list.

i'll adds more as i fink of 'em and u email me, KC, 'n let me know 'n i'll add it ta tha listie.

posted by KC
purrrrrsssss to effurybody

updated 11/22 by Sanjee


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