Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Noos

First, I gotsta ree-purrt that KC had her surgery and she's fine. Yay! See more cute pikshurs of her gettin ready to go on hers and Missy's bloggy. :)

UPDATED! Luxor's Mom updated in the comments of Silky's post that Luxor's surgery went ok! Yay! He may be able to come home tonight, or may have to stay overnight. It's so good to hear he's ok tho :)

UPDATED! Sophia, The DivaKitty (DK!) is Kat's Cat of the Day!

UPDATED!: Widebody Wednesday Kitty Posts: Fat Eric, Rocky, Beezer, Beau Beau, Rascal and Merlin.

Now, I gotsta say I's sorry noos is late today. We hadded lotsa storms all day with LOTS of rain n wind. Fingies fell on the roofs and maded noises, but we didn't haf no tornados. Oreo emailed us to see if we was ok (wasn't that nice?!) and we was. Then Mommy hadded lunch and the innernets got all messed up. Maybe the innernets didn't like her lunch? hehehe Anyways, efurryfing's ok now cept there's LOTS of water in the yard. I can see from my window! (Mommy was gonna take a pikshur for me but her camera's gotta be ree-charged. I gotta tell her to keep it charged for me!) We hopes all our furriends who lives in NC and VA are ok too wif just lil fingies like Mommies furgettin to charge cameras to be buggin them too!

We hasn't heard from Luxor's Mommy yet about how his surgery wented, but we hopes he's doin fine from his surgeries too. A'course, she may still be off huntin for the day, so we's not gonna worry just yet. We'll keep sendin purrs anyways tho, just cuz.

UPDATED: Widebody Wednesday Kitty Posts: Fat Eric, Rocky, Beezer, Beau Beau, Rascal and Merlin.

Crab Feed Open House at DivaKitty and the Fluffies! Party time!
from Sophia, The DivaKitty:

We're having a crab feed open house!
As you may know, crab season has officially opened! We’re celebrating
crab, our new site and 100,000 hits by hosting an open house crab feed
for the next three days. Please feel free to teleport over, have some
crab and crash on the day bed.
Drop us a comment to know you’ve come by (Comments are working now)
3 day party! Wif crab! Yay!

Secret Paws update!
Lookie at all these fluffies pawticipatin!
141 Fluffies!!! 102 Cats, 16 Raties, 10 Dogs, 8 Buns, 2 Fishies, 1 Jessica, a Birdie and a chinchilla!

Abby, Bandit, Bast, Bat, Bear, Beau, Beezer, Belicia, Boni, Boo, Bubbles, Caesar, Caitie, Charlie, Cheysuli, Cocoa, Cocoa Puff, Cordy, DaisyMae Maus, Derby, Edsel, Fiona, Ford, Fudge Ripple, Gemini, Georgia, Georgia the Ratlet, Georgie Jr., Georgie Sr., Gree, Grr, Harmony Kitties, Huggy Bear, Isabel, Jacques, Jake, Jasper, Jessica, Jessica the Bun, Josie, Josie McKitten, Julius, Jupiter, K.C., Kaylee, Kelly, Kimo & Sabi, Ko Ko, Leela, Libby Riley , Lilly Lu, Lizzie, Lord Nibbler, Lucky Charmz, Lucy, Maggie, Maggie McKitten, Meepit, Merlin Nelson, Merlin Poi Cat, Midnight, Millie, Miles Meezer, Mini, Miss Alla-Mae, Missy Blue Eyes, Mitten the Smitten Kitten, Molly, Monty, Morgan, Morgana, Mozart, Mr. Hendrix, Mrs. B, Mrs. Sniffles, Mu Shue Pooh, Nemo, Nicky, Orb, Oreo, Orlando, Pandora, Pepi, Petrolina, Philippa, Poppygirl, Puff, Princess Sophia, Pumpkin, Quark, Rabbie Burns, Rom, Sadie, Sammy Meezer, Sanjee, Sebastian, Shadow, Sophia, Sparky Fuzzypants, Spike, Spot, Spot II, Teeny Tiny Tottie McTabby, Timmy, Tyson Kitties, Tzeitel, Yaffa & Zydeco

and DaisyMae Maus has put DKM to WORK!

Mu Shue Pooh King isn't feelin so great.
We gotted this letter from his sisfur Lilly Lu:
can you send purs to mu shue Him been trying to caugh up a hair ball and nuffing come up execpt a tinny one he still hacking now he sezzing and last night he did not fishen a dr harvy chicken treat and this morning he did not show up for can food but came out a little latter for some kib kib. fanks Lilly Lu
Mu Shue's got a respiratory infekshun and may hafta go ofur to the vet n spends the nite n stuff. Let's all sends kitty mojo n purrs n purrayers to our buddy Mu Shue!

Vishus Deer Attack!
ree-purrted by Smeagol & Strider Fanks for informin us guys!
Some beans got hurt really bad when the lady bean tried to go outside to feed her cats! Oh that's reely bad. You kin see the article bout it here.

New Furriends Bloggies

Tigre and Baby have a cool bloggy. We's glad to meet you Tigre and Baby!

Ferdinand - Mr. Hendrix introdooced Ferdinand yesterday, but did you go to his bloggy yet? He's got sum way cool commandments for kitties you gotsta see!

And just in from Kaze:
Latte & I want to introduce everyone to our big brother Chase! He just started a blog and here it is:
He's very different from me and Latte, he does put up with quite a lot from us.


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

Need purrs n purrayers for kitties or ofur critters & their beans, or got praise for 'em?
Let the folks at the Pet Prayer & Praise Bloggy know too!

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