Friday, November 17, 2006

Furriday Noos

Excitin Noos! Noo Ree-purrter!

Sophia, THE DivaKitty volunteered to be a repurrter! Yay! We's all furry excited bout that. There's so much noos wif all the kitties in the blogosphere that Sophia will be a sooper help keepin up. Go visit Sophia and con-cat-ulate her. :)

Vishus Deer Alert!!!
Repurrted by Kimo & Sabi
Hey - Be on the alert! Thanksgiving conspiracy between turkey and vishus deer! Visit their bloggie for photo evidence.

One Eyed Jack also shows us his Vishus Deer Guardpost. Jack is always on the lookout for Vishus Deer. He wroted the educashunal pamplet: Vishus Deer of the North.

Good Noos!

Luxor is doin good after his surgery and is back home wif his fambly. Yay!

Offishul Repurrter KC is doin good too after her surgery. She gets to come home today after 6pm. Yay!

Weird Noos

A Not-So-Vishus Deer??? LT shows us a deer that's not so vishus. I's not sure we beleevs it! But you can see for yourselfs.

New Cat Blogosphere Goodies

The HTML Cat Linkies have been updated tooday! Yay! New kitties been added, so if you uses our HTML cat linkies for your bloggy, go by and pick up a noo copy of them. I makes Mommy update them bout once a month, an if you wanna be emailed when they's ready, join our HotMBC Cat Blogosphere email list, k? (It's at the bottom of the page wif the linkies!)

The Cat Blogosphere site's also got a new page to Meet Your Offishul Ree-purrters!

Formerly Feral Friday & Frootbat Friday Kitty Cat Posts - UPDATED!

You can see Formerly Feral Friday posts from LT at Random Drift, Mr Hendrix, Tiger at Pumpkin's World

And you can see Frootbat Friday posts from Skeezix, Kaze, Mao

We's sure there'll be more (like mine! hehehe) so please ree-purrt any you sees so we don't miss 'em. Fanks! We'll be updatin them thruout the day. :)

More noos later!

Ree-purrted by Sanjee, Offishul Ree-purrter
Purrrrrrrrrrrrr and re-purrrrrrrrrrrr :)


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

Need purrs n purrayers for kitties or ofur critters & their beans, or got praise for 'em?
Let the folks at the Pet Prayer & Praise Bloggy know too!

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