Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Noos

VISHUS DEER in tha noos...from Des Moines, Iowa, a big vishus deer charged into a Target store this past Toosday. Tha store employees worked to get the shoppers to safety while they chased tha horribull animal out of tha store. i sees a disturbing trend heres.

i finks as a part of tha Disney-Bambi Deer Conspiracy, tha news jus ignores these kinds of stories. it has only been since Skeezix, Rocky, Mao and Jack haf bravely stood up to tha media 'n told it likes it is, that we r seeing more repurrts of this kind.

i's gotta check this out...Fiona Bun repurrts: For those kitties who've never seen a binkie - visit Kelly's blog. His dad caught some wild buns doing binkies and the bunny 500.

From Sophia, the Diva Kitty, if you can donate yarn, gift cards or via a special PayPal account from Sanjee's mom as part of Secret Paws, DKM will crochet blankets for the Snuggles Project. $10 makes 3 cat blankets.

fanks u, Kimo 'n Sabi fur this noos: Thurs 11/9 we'll be posting some info about alternative gift giving, featuring The Snuggles Project. People knit or crochet security blankies for animals in shelters. You can get all the link info on our bloggie. Thanks for ree-purrting the info! Kimo & Sabi

Gail, Jess's aunt, has started a new kitty/woofie blog! Remember she is mommie to Squentin? She has a couple woofies as well. The blog is called Reigning Cats & Dogs. fanks, Kat, fur ree-purrting this.

Great news from Mr. Henrix... Smudge is home and the info is his counts were normal. Check out the complete news at his bloggy.

The Famous Five posted a "strange" Christmas prezzie their mommie received last year. My Mommie went crazee...she wants one. u'll haf ta check this out...betcha lots of our Mommies will wants one of these.

'n sweet little Anita did her own box ree-purt, she be such a cute gatorrista. 'n did u know that after she sees mine tortitude post, she's said i wuz an offishul gatorrista. i's very proud.

today Luna haf her ladiegardenectomy -- 'n i's on my way ta tha vet later today fur my "pre-op", whateffer that is.

'n we all be worried 'bout little Alberta of tha Feline Oligarchy. She be stayin at tha V-E-T 'n missed her 18th Gotcha Day Celly-bration. keep hers in ur prayers 'n thoughts today. Purrs, Alberta.

'n Sanjee's Mom Robyn be very dee-pressed. a lot of mommies 'n daddies gets that, 'n it's hard to fight. send hers lots of purr-rayers 'n purrrs.

Ariel's mommie be feelin so much betters yesserday they takes Ariel fur a walk in tha park. check out the photos of tha fearless Ariel.

Lone Star Purr's Mommie be feeling much better after fallin down while skiing. crazee beans, u fink a cat would gets out on skies? ugh, snow.

i'll be back laters today, affer my V-E-T visit, 'n see whats going on.

i's really appreciated all our specshul ree-purrters that helped me while we wuz taking cares of Bear. a specshul fanks to Mr. Hendrix, Kat, Kimo & Sabi 'n effurryone who ree-purrted. if i's missed a name, jus let me knows. i's kinda nervvos 'bout this "ladiegardenectomy" fing.

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Anonymous said...

Mummy said to tell you that if anyone wants to buy their mummys a 'strange'Christmas prezzie that she looked on the packet & it was made by 'accoutrements' P O Box:30811, Seattle WA 98113 USA & she looked up their web address that was on the packet and it is still going so here it is:

Derby said...

We hadded a deer in the parking garage at the airport on Tuesday. He gotted scared and jumped off the top and landed two floors down. The people had to send him to the Bridge.