Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Noos

hi effurryone, it's been a busy week. i still hafn't caughten up on tha bloggies. i be doin that todays, between naps, o'course. i appreciates u's helpin out ree-purrtin tha noos i missed.

furrst, one fing verry importunt, is about little Tiger, an older, sick kitty that Lynne (Scooby, Shaggy & Scout's Mommie) was caring for as an outside kitty since he was "thrown out" of him's house due to sickness and old age. Him's stoopid owners had hims murdered a few days ago, 'n didn't tell Lynne. They knows she wanted him and wuz feeding him.
My mommie made a little tribute to poor little Tiger on the Pet Prayer & Praise bloggie an u's can read 'bouts him on Lynn's bloggie, Little Cat Feet. Lynne 'n hers fambly reely be hurtin now 'n could use sum pur-rayers 'n luv paws 'n purrrs.

SECRET PAWS UPDATE -- This just in from Sophia, The Diva Kitty: WOW what a week we've had here at DK&F. First off, Nanette & Peaches were our 100,000th visitor! AND, The Calico Girls were our 4,000th commenter. Goodies are on their way in the next week. Also - there is still time to sign up for Secret Paws. Deadline to enter is 11/22 at 1pm. Remember if you send in at least $10 via PayPal you can receive a DKM Kitty Blanket. DKM is working on this one special holiday colored blanket. It's called Holly and Ivy. She's only making one in this color so the first kitty to claim it. gets it! Thanks again everyone for sharing your lives with us - we cannot believe our little site hit 100k. WOW.

Luxor sended this in: I just read a news report about a vishus deer with a fake pumpkin stuck on his head! this be a-worryin me. seems not a day go by, we hears more 'n more Vishus Deer ree-purrts. tha hansum Jack be wurkin on a splendid warning grafik fur us kitties to display. yea.

Jack wuz wurried bout tha Calendar, does we haf a list of effurrycat on it? He wuz thinkin, what if a cat sended hims piksure in 'n it got losted or if the dread pirate blogger ate it! we'll haf to ask Sanjee 'bout that.

Gotted an email from Beau: Hey Everybody! Mom got my main site (the animal print one with the paw and wagging tail) fixed so everybody GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL SITE for latest blogging. And please help spread the word, so everyone will know! Thanks! I love you all! well, Beau, we all loves u 'n it wuz kinda hard to find u. Glad u be back.

tha wonnerful Mr. Hendrix emailed: Oreo's mom is being hooked up to a heart monitor for 24 hours starting today (KC: which wuz Thursday). He asks that we send them good thoughts because her counts are not good. we've had Oreo's sweet Mommie in our purr-rays, be glads when she be all fixed.

FRIDAY FREEBIE - Catster Bumper Sticker

Wouldn't it be cool to haf a Catster bumper sticker? Put it on ur stroller (Skeezix!) or kitty carrier! To gits one absolukey FREE send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

Dogster HQ
Attn: Catster Stickers
555 DeHaro Street #350
San Francisco, CA 94107

Ree-purrted by KC
Offishul Reepurrter fur tha Cat Blogosphere
Purrrsss 'n purr-rayers specially fur Oreo's Mommie 'n Mom Robyn!


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

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