Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Noos

furrst of all, check outs Mu shue Pooh King Cat, him's been trick r treatin 'n gots lotza nip. 'course, hims had to wear tha embarassin pooh bear ears, but...nip is nip. hee-hee.

'n i finded anuffer bloggie -- Crazy-Cat-Lady-USA -- wif Tigger, Taylor, Bob 'n Pippin. waits a minute! didn't Bob & Pippin enter tha 2B's contest? such adorable piksure, can't furgets it. Tha linkie fur tha contest wuz Tigger Tails so guess they haf two bloggies.

Emma's Blog features an update on Dante ta proof hims still in one piece! 'n we gits ta see Zebby enjoying hims wunnerful new home.

Stop by 'n visit wif Chloe, a new kitty on tha blog. she's just moved from Phoenix ta Albuquerque 'n ajusting to hers new life there.

i's missed Lil One, Freya. hasn't heared frum hers in a long time.

Lux gotted picked ta be tha Pet Sale Avenue (PSA) blog fur tha month. Concatulations 'n we's hope u's be feelin better -- him's still looks kinda pale to me (hee-hee).

finally, ta warm up tha chilly November days, we haf's a recipe fur Betty's Chocolate Chai Tea on the Adventures from tha Farm bloggie. it's cold heres today, 65 degrees 'n windy.

Bucky's furriend Ariel wented to tha bridge, and Bucky's sad. Let's all leaf notes to cheer Bucky up a lil bit? purrrrrrrs, Sanjee

i'll be addin more noos all thru tha day....'n if there be sumfin u's wanna report, leave a comment or click on tha button below...fanks!
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Anonymous said...

I wud like 2 b a blogging kittie. Wud it b possible 2 bcum a link? U are a link on mi blog! BTW- luv your blog!
Thank U!