Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Big Noos

Guess what! The Cat Blogosphere has its furry own site for it's goodies now, like linkies n stuff! We were keepin them on our site, but we askeded Mommy if she could get us the domain name, and she had sum hostin space she said we could put it on. How cool is that?!?! Check out! Don't worry tho. All the old linkies n emails still work. Mommy did some sorta puter magic on them at halloweenie to make them still work. So if you goes to a linky and it sends you to the new site, don't be skeered, k? It's good kitty magic!

If you knows of somefing we should list there as referencey stuff for the cat blogosphere, let us know!

Ree-purrted by Sanjee, Offishul Ree-purrter Cat


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

1 comment:

Merlin said...

Oh, I woulda been skeered if you hadn't told me, KC, thanks! Kitty magic is ALWAYS good... ;)