Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Early Noos....

Anothur Vishus Deer attack, this one deadly...Luxor reports an owner killed by hims own deer and reminds us agin that, as Skeezix sez, " jus gits worsed 'n worsed...". i's readin tha artickle 'n one fing catched my attenshun: "[details as to]....what may have prompted the attack were not available...". hmmmm. makes u wondur. do u finks there mays haf been a tender juicy cat involved?

Fat Eric reports on tha return of tha evil intruder kitties, complete wif piksures ta dokumint their intrudin.

Luna ree-purrts yesserday that she be feelin much better nows, a few days after hers surgery :: shudder ::.

Misty turned 7 months old Friday (11/10). Happy Purrrrrthday, Misty.

Georgia explains tha valuable teckneek of "bladder bouncin" in a Senior Cat Club post.

Ana has sum 'splaining ta do when she "undoes" tha bed, but it's not hers fault. Reely.

Meowers Mommie is sickly wif bronchitis. Hers gotted sum meddy-cin 'n been sleepin, hopefully be feelin better. nels, ed, nitro, and xing be on catblanket duty till hers feels betters.

We haf a lots of heroes, us bloggin cats. Mommie ML 'n i wuz jus readin over tha bloggies 'n came to tha 2 B's bloggie. Tha story of Cecilia rescuing Little Tabby is jus amazin. Hopefully, she's kin git tha rest of tha fambly. Jus go read hers blog, 'n realize how much time she spended savin this little kitten.

ree-purrted by KC
purrrrsss to tha 2 B's wonnerful Mommie Cecilia
'n purrr-rrrayers to tha Mama Kitty 'n Little Ones


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