Wednesday, November 01, 2006

11/1 Noos Break


i don't wants to 'larm anybody, but remember what happened to Jr. Man, long long time ago. 'member, we finked hims head got squeezed off o'hims bodie? well, check out Dante, the kittie that Kat 'n Emma 'n fambly be fostering. now they's haf u believes that Dante be in a box, but me, i's not so sure.

Casper is finally back online. yea. Missy be verry happy to sees him. Casper's Mommie finally got tha Blogger beans ta fix hers account so she can post. Yea!

this un's not new, but it be soooo cute. Check out The Harmony Kitties for neat piksures of Brandy (a big red woofie) and Gilbert (a kittie) cuddling togeffer. Both of them were strays, rescues, 'n nows they's contented 'n happy wif Christina 'n fambly.

WHITE WEDNESDAY -- i'll keeps updating tha list today

Yuki (hers name means "snow"), one of Momsbusy's two cats, gots it posted right this week. 'n if'n u scrolls down, u can see last week's White Wednesday which wuz posted on Thursday. Reely cute piksures of Yuki.

Oooops, i missed one...or two...

i missed a reely cute one, too. DaisyMae's Toby, who is now at the Bridge, haf a Tuxy Tuesday post in him's honor.

Latte's hansum Meezer Monday piksure wuz posted early due ta a trip out of town, 'n i missed it.

Cute Halloween greeting froms tha Calico Girls.

Tha precious Luna celly-brates Halloween by playin wif sum neat ghosties.

Emperor Nero makes a good point wif "Do Black Cats Need to get Dressed Up for Halloween?"

Jasper's Mommie mades tha most increddy-bull CAT PUMPKIN (yes!) u effer sees.


Kitty-Cats-Corner's Mommie lost hers mommie yesterday.

DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans lost their Uncle Rich yesterday, he was only 52 years old.

Momsbusy be haffing disc problems. She not supposed to lift anyfings over five pounds, but hers two kitties weighs 'bout ten pounds each. If'n it doesn't get better, she may haf to get an MRI. Please keep hers in ur purrayers. 'n Rex is doing okays, but him gets night 'n day mixed up, so hims fambly not gettin as much sleep.

Poor lil Gracie, she gonna haf surgery again, probably next week. She hads ta go thru xploratory surgery 'n tha dumb V-E-T furgot ta get tha biopsy they did surgery fur. So now they gots ta do it again. Hope they 'members this time why they be oppy-rating on hers. So keeps Gracie 'n her Mommie Meryl in your purrayers, 'n purray fur tha stoopid vet, too.

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