Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Affernoon Noos....

sorry not ta post sooner, but furrst my computer got sick wif a virus, 'n then our innernet fingy got sick. Daddie Charley gotted my emails fixed 'n then tha email server got sick 'n didn't work. must be a very contagious virus. all tha computers 'n servers be gittin sick.


as effurryone knows, One-Eyed Jack writed a public service pamlet titled "Vishus Deer of the North" ta warns all us cats of tha types 'n methods of tha Vishus Deer, like a "know ur enemy".

Jack's human had a very skeery encounter wif a Vishus Deer this weekend wifin a block of Jack's house. that's right -- a reel live VISHUS DEER confronted Jack's human right thar on tha street in tha daylight!!!! i finks the Vishus Deer knows 'bouts Jack's warnings to us cats 'n is tryin to silence hims.

'n then i hears that DaisyMae & tha Feline Americans be goin unnercover as Vishus Deer Agents 'n wifout Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repellant. Gasp! Be keerful. it be an eppi-demick. Skeezix is unnerstandbly upsets 'bout this, goes so far as to call their plan "sooeyside".


so many gurrrreat posts fur Midnight/Meezer & almost-Halloween Monday, 'n i missed 'em all, till today. fink effurryone is posting piksures fur Halloween this week, 'stead of tha T-3 stuffs, so i's jus gonna puts 'em all togeffer...

Beau sended an email 'bout hims Tuxie Tummy Halloween Toosday post. Remember to use tha linkie here, not Beau's "regular" bloggie. Beau sez: I put a tux tuesday halloween picture on my archives. It's at the very bottom of the October page. Tomorrow starts a new page being November.

Petronious haf a 'dorable piksure fur Midnight Monday starring Puck, tha newest fambly member. HockeyPuck be a teeny lil fing 'n furry cutes.

Rascal had a "wide eyed" Midnight Monday piksure. Lookin' so good.

Eclair has tha cutest lil Midnight Monday piksure 'n a skeery Halloween piksure, too.

Tha hansum Jack had a nice photo fur Midnight Monday and Halloween.

Check out William's Midnight Monday wif him's listening ta a radio broadcast of War of the Worlds.

Ana celly-brates wif a visit from tha Halloween Wizard.

Tiggy 'n her mommie fixed a skeery jack-o-lanern. Go votes fur Tiggy in anofer contest, this one on Stuff On My Cat.

Daphne's Not The Mama did a skeery Midnight Monday Halloween pikshure.

PJ haf a gurreat Halloween Riddle fur efurryone.

Sweet Ariel haf tha neatest -- sorta skeery -- graphikal on hers bloggie.

Leo & Bambi haf some neat Halloween pikshures, too.

Efurryday is Meezer Monday at Crazy Meezer, check out tha great piksures of Alex.

Timothy Dickens has a neat Halloween piksure fur us all.

Valdebar is a gorgeous torti...he must do a Torti Tuesday post. Please stop by hims bloggie 'n leaf him a comment 'bout that.

Catzee displays yet more Tortitude today. in fact, i finks Catzee's middle name is TORTITUDE, hee-hee. she will like tha harnass 'n tha walks, but u can't gives in too easy, doesn't look right.

Speaking of tortitude, guess other cats haf it too, take a look at MeiLin, who learnt how ta climbs up reely high. Way ta go, MeiLin.

Maggie Fu, newest addition to tha Feline Oligarchy, looks like a good candy-date fur Torti Tuesday. Efun if hers is a Calico, that be close enuf. She is a cutie.

Merlin be posin in a great Tabby Tummy Tuesday piksure.


Kat re-did tha Pet Prayer 'n Praise bloggie, take a look 'n let her know what u finks.

Dannielle haf moved her bloggie.

Sunday was Victor's furrst Gotchiversary.

Keep tha lil wite boy, Lux, in ur hearts today, him's sick wif pee problems.

'n Lux's sisfur, Silky be Kat's Cat of the Day today.

haf anyone else noticed tha linkie on Lux's bloggie called "Romance"? there be a link to a Catster name of Bambi? hmmm....!

Chloe-Cat is new in town, hers may be an ex-feral. If so's maybe she'll post hers story on Feral Friday. Stop by 'n say hi to hers.

Fiona Bun founds more new kitties at Maffia Kittens.

Tha wunnerful debby-nair dancer, Fat Eric, has a bee-you-tee-ful new food dish hims mum broughted back from Paris. Nice giftie.

Meezer Mom gets hers staples out today 'n Miles celly-brates a small viktory over tha halloween costooms. Least fur this year.

Maomao's mommie is in Copenhagen and not postin. Maomao finally gotted out of the V-E-T hospital on 10/22 'n is recovering nicely wif hers uncles till mommie gets home.

WINTER SECRET PAWS info haf been posted! and a new Secret Paw Blog, 'n lots of new charity options this time 'round.

if'n i missed sumfing, someones, pleeze lets me know. if u gots sumfing to post here, just click on tha "got news?" button below and sends it to us. we needs all tha help, tha Cat Blogosphere is gettin bigger efurry day. Yea!

repurrted by KC
Offishul Ree-purrter
Purrrrrrsssss 'n Happy Halloween...


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)


Sophia, the Diva Kitty said...

We've got our Halloween and Tuxie Tummy Tuesday up. Also, we're at a new blog location!


Merlin said...

Poor Lux and his pee problems. That can't be comfortable.

My Tabby Tummy is posted today.

Thanks fer the noos, KC!

Diva Kitty said...

Secret Paws info is up! http://secretpaws.wordpress.com/

Fiona Bun said...

More new kitties! http://maffiakittens.blogspot.com