Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekend Cat News #9

Blogging Cat NewsWeekend
October 14-15


A 3 Day Cat Party!
October Kitties Purrthday / Gotcha Day Cellybration!
All cats invited to celebrate the October Kitty Guests of Honor
Dates Oct 20-22.
Starting at noon time Central Daylight Time.
At Derby's blog :)
See our post below

Kitty Book deadline is October 15! Don't forget to get your kitty stories in to Max and the Woman on time!


  • Butterscotch went to the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday, October 10. Please keep his Mommie, GrandMommie 'n Frisky in your prayers.
  • Buddy, a woofie, wented to tha Bridge in August. His mommie wroted tha most bee-you-tee-ful poem to hims on the Pet Prayer & Praise bloggie: A Poem for Buddy.
  • Fat Eric has started a page to honor the Gorgeous Gingers who have gone to tha Bridge: Rainbow Gingers.
  • Bujang's Gotcha Day was October 6, and we missed it. Sorry Bujang! It looks like you had lotsa fun for your Gotcha day tho, wif stinky goodness and treasies and a walk.
  • Aloysius and Darcy of Catymology celebrated their first blogiversary on October 6! Concatulations! I wish we'd known sooner, but oh well. Yay! Concatulations again :)


Print this beautiful poster for display in libraries, community centers, churches, retail shop windows, pet stores, veterinarians’ offices, public transportation stations, schools, restaurants, or anywhere people will see it and learn about National Feral Cat Day. Asking permission before you put up the poster is an excellent opportunity to develop other supporters.

You can also order 16 x 20" copies at 5 for $5.00 (Paypal available).

There are beautiful full-color ads available in English or Spanish that can be printed out or published.

New Furriends

Wardah "but you can call me DivaKitty" haf tha bloggie Kitty-Tails from Saudi Arabia! She be an adorable fluff of white wif huge eyes.

Stops and visit wif Daphne and Chloe of Purrchance to Dream. Daphne tells us words for cat from all ofur the world and shows how fetching she looks in a beret!

The Famous Five and their adventures with tha Nip Dealer From Next Door and more. rb & Jupiter & Mitten, tha smitten kitten & Poppygirl-AKA princess poppygirl & tiny tottie mctabby - AKA -tottie

The Texas Troop of kitties. Guess where they's from? hehehe. Stops by 'n says Howdy to Ming, Arrie, Woodstock and Miko. Theys jus changed their name from The Texas Trio wif tha adoption of a fourth poodin, Arrie.

The Whole Kitten Kaboodle is made up of 5 cats, 5 humans and 1 house. Hope i's gotted tha names right fur tha poodins: Skittles, Tex, Georgia, Haley, and Wrigley!

The Taylor Catsssss - they's back and they's blogging: Seaborne, Sam, Summer, Spats, 'n Sassy, along with their human staff (Deb, "The Big Guy", Sloane & Tatum).

Henry's Deep Thoughts - stops by 'n meets Henry M. Catterton, introduced by tha Meowers from Missouri

Mr. Hendrix the Kitty - who jus finds out him eardrums are rup-shored. Ow.

Sweet Ariel mades a new furriend, Tigger, who haf a website called Tigger Tales. Drop by and say "hi".

Jack of All Shades And Shadows - my good friends Grr, Midnight & Cocoa finded One-Eyed Jack, a black on blacker striped kitty.

Angel 'n Taz, the two lil' devils, haf a new bloggie. They's back affer being goned, furst to a baycayshun and then to a HI-ate-us. so's they's been traveling alots.

News from Around the Cat Blogosphere

Luna is a grrrrreat hunter. She tracked, caughted and ated a bug, an tha next day was huntin agains. Good job, Luna.

Chey repurrts that efun cats haf SPAM problems: "I'm tired of SPAM at my mailbox...".

The Calico Girls, Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and Precious Flower, were featured blog of tha week on Cats Blog of the Week: The Calico Girls.

And then, several of our cat blogging buddies gots a specshul mention at Blogs for Cat Lovers: The PsychoKitty, William of Mass Destruction, Timothy Dickens and Derby among others.

Our furriend Monkeybunkey wroted tha nicest thing about Mommies.

Early this week, Heather (Rajjah's mommie) repurrted something furry had invaded hers home. She managed ta gets a photo on Tuesday. By week's end, she welcomed MeiLin, a tiny "petite princess" wif a sad story. Please continue to pray for little Rajjah to come home.

And in case ya missed it, we's got Cat Blogosphere banners now! You can use them to linky to the Cat Blogosphere bloggy here so's kitties can find their way to the news and fun stuff. See's our post beelow or go here to get the code fur it or the pikshurs to link to (I picked out KC to be our kitty model cuz she's so cute! ~~ Sanjee)

Need a sign? See for a huge variety of tools to create free personalized images to use on your blogs.
Customize the text message on hundreds of pre-designed clip arts.  Make banners, buttons, cartoons, ecards, safety signs, logos, warning labels, etc! No software to install, all done through free web based applications!  Check out the links for other online imaging tools from other sites across the internet.

Need an "Animals Inside" Emergency Sticker for your door and windows? Check out the ASPCA's Disaster Preparedness site to order absolutely free of charge. In addition, there are numerous resources for dealing with all types of emergency situations.

Share a Lil fur Furriends in Need

Brandi's Mom Carol is still lookin fur a jobby, and now she's sick too. If you can donate just a lil bit to help out, it'd be much much 'ppreciated. Donations & info here.
And Rose of Rose and the Royals is on disability and tryin to go to school and has financial problems bad right now. If you can donate just a lil bit to help her out, she and the Royals would 'ppreciate it lots. Donations & info here.
Efun $5 or $10 helps tons when folkses are in bad situations. An purrayers and kind thoughts and good wishes too, they's needed lots. So's you can help out no matter whats. And ALL the donashuns go straight to our furriends. None of it gets used fur nofing else. Fanks for considerin it!
As a speshul fank you fur each donation, Hot(M)BC Mom Robyn will send you a gifty of handmade joolry, or a gift certificate fur handmade joolry (you can give it as a purresent if you wants), or if you likes more, she'll send you a neato crystal or stone -- plus the Mostly Black Cats sends a gifty of NIP for the fambly kitties.

Da Big Kitty Cat Round-ups - Don't Miss 'Em!

The Friday Ark - Guess what day dat is? hehehe
Sunday's Carnival of the Cats is hosted by House of the (Mostly) Black Cats
Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted this week by Rosa's Yummy Yums

Contest Stuffs!

Kimo & Sabi have entered the Catster Photo Contest and need your votes! Go to their bloggy for more contest info and links! Thanks for the support! Kimo's Voting Page & Sabi's Voting Page! Must be a register Catster or Dogster Member to vote. To register for either go to or

Hot(M)BC Mom Robyn's Halloween Costume Contest ends at Midnight PST on October 15. If you's already got a costume for Skeezix's contest, you can enter the same one. Purrizes are handmade joolry and Halloweeny jars. Cats and beans and ofur critters can all enter.

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