Friday, October 13, 2006

Frootbats & Freebies


i's never thoughted cats could blog so much, whew, there be a lot ta ree-port. we's got contests 'n par-tees 'n all kinds of fings. i be ree-portin more later this weekend. gotta give tha paws a rest.

we's haf some sick poodins 'n we've said goodbye ta some good furriends. visit The Pet Prayer & Praise Blog fur a complete list.

if u knows someone ta put on tha Prayer & Praise list, u can leaves a comment at tha Pet Prayer & Praise blog or email Kat or ML, or even me (KC) or Sanjee, Offyshul Ree-purrters. we's makes sure efurryone knows if a poodin needs purrayers r hafs to say goodbye.


i likes ta get mail. 'n i loves ta get free stuff, fun stuff, don't u?

Poopsie Cat sells tha bestest kitty grass seed ever. Mommie keeps it growin efurryday fur me's 'n Missy. she hafs to plant a new pot 'bout two times a week to keep me supplied. u's can read all 'bout tha benny-fits of a fresh, green pot of grass.
now fur tha free part. Poopsie Cat will sends a big sample of wonderous organic fresh seeds, all u's haf ta do is send a self-addressed stamped envelope ... OR ...Poopsie Cat be such a good furriend, he sended extra samples fur all tha Bloggin Cats. emails me wif ur address, i's send u a big sample fur free! NO ENVELOPES, NO STAMPS, jus FREE -- email ta lets me know wheres ta send it. Fanks, Poopsie Cat.

* i's limited ta tha furrst 20 poodins, so furrst come, furrst served.

Second Nature Software makes bee-u-ti-ful screensavers. u's can get tha software 'n a free sampler wif purrty pikshures. 'n it haf a lots o' features wif tha calendar, u's can add ur own pikshures, makes wallpapers, jus lots of fings. rights now they's offerin Autumn 2006, Our America, 'n On Wings of Beauty -- u know what thats is, FEV-VER MACHINES! that be my favorite.

Fancy Feast haf this eley-gant 2006 Snow Globe Ornament.

them's bee-u-tee-ful, glass wif a snowy white poodin 'n sparklin snow. very fragile. FREE. what a grrrreat gift fur ur mommie.

fur each orny-mint u wants, u gots ta send in $2.99 (fur shipping) plus 12 barcodes from cans of my purrsonal fav stinky goodness, Fancy Feast. u's knows what that means -- u's haf to eats 12 cans of Fancy Feast. fink 'bouts it. it's like two gifties. i finks i's could eat twelve cans in one day easy. such a sac-ree-fyce to gets ur's mommie a purrty ornament fur Christmas.

'n each household can gets up to three! Yum. there be a form at tha linkie u prints out ta order. so starts munching tha wonderful stinky goodness 'n get ur beans a bee-u-tee-ful, magik-cal ornymint.


Henry's Deep Thoughts - stops by 'n meets Henry M. Catterton, introduced by the Meowers from Missouri

Mr. Hendrix the Kitty - who jus finds out him eardrums are rup-shored.

Jack of All Shades And Shadows - my good friends Grr, Midnight & Cocoa finded One-Eyed Jack, a black on blacker striped kitty.

The Taylor Catsssss - they's back and they's blogging: Seaborne, Sam, Summer, Spats, 'n Sassy, along with their human staff (Deb, "The Big Guy", Sloane & Tatum).

Purrchance to Dream is a grrrreat bloggie wif Daphne, what a neat name fur a blog.

Pee Ess. frum Sanjee: Don't miss the Party Notice beelow!

if u's wuld like ur bloggie listed here, jus sends an email to me (KC) or Sanjee, Offyshul Ree-purrters. o, 'n it don't haf ta be new bloggie, jus if u wants to make sum new furriends in tha Cat Blogosphere.


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Wow! We are very impressed with your repurring skills. Where do you get this inside information...especially about Fancy Feast (sigh...our favorite)! Mommy says that maybe "Deep Throat" told you....whoever that is! Anyway, we have downloaded the form and will be ordering a globe right away. Thank you so much for the infurrmation. Keep on repurrting! You are great!

Daphne said...

I added the Cat Blogosphere banner & a linkie to you at Purrchance To Dream.

This is a great site -- thanks for leaving the link in a comment for us to find you!

Meow for now ~ Daphne

KC said...

Welcome, Daphne, jus listed ur bloggie. if'n u wants a CB (Cat Blogosphere) banner fer ur bloggie, jus asks. Mom Robyn has 'em all ready to go.

Also, u needs to check out Kat's Cat of the Day, she picks a different kitty each 'n efurry weekday to STAR wif tha photo 'n a bio. it be a grrreat place to meets others, too.

'n if'n u wants some free kitty grass, just email ur address to us 'n my mommie will mails it.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

lovely lovely brite red fev-ver maker rite in the middle...

KC said...

o, doncha luvs tha fev-ver maker screen saver? i sits 'n stares at that.

o, 'n we stills hafs a few packs of seeds lefts, email if u wants 'em.

Shimmy said...

I can't remember what you were saying. What if a bat flies into my mouth? I fell asleep in the bathtub again.