Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekend Cat News #11

....a recap of the Glorious Frootbats from Friday...

Kaze haf tha most incredible blue eyes u efer saws!
Luxor gives us a two-fer piksure this week.
Skeezix haf a reel cute piksure up, too (of course).
Junior introduced him's neighbor, Magik, a captivating black frootbat wif cute lil fangs.
Mao haf a piksure of a "dirty gurl frootbat" on him's bloggie.

Fur formerly feral friday, i's finded Blado at the Zoo from backs a week.


Angel n Taz are back online!

Skeezix's bestest friend, Icon Baxter-Bentley, just launched him own bloggie!

Chey's Place moved!

Charlie 'n Pandora said: Mum says we hope you don't mind if we email to tell you about a new blogging kitty, Tara. She's got a new forever home with Mum's friend Dawnie in Candy-Daddy.


An 'xcellent article on Orphan Kitten Care including tha Feeding of Orphan Kittens ('n tha poopin of kittens...)

The Kitty Movie Monday Group at YouTube

Pet University is lookin fur a cat mascot in their Pet University Cat Video Contest. Tha deadline for entries is December 31st 2006.

Edsel 'n Mommie Susan post an idee fur tha holidays in tha true spirit of the Season. Hint: it haf to do wif Brandi 'n Carol.


Chatham haf yet 'nother trip ta tha V-E-T fur a third round of anty-bio-teks.

Luna's Mommie haf been in tha hospital and will haf to have surgery soon. Luna's Daddie's been taking care of hers. This wuz repurrted by bof Mattingly 'n Cocoa, Midnight 'n Grr.

Sweet little Mittens be doing much better.

Smudge still be very sick 'n him's fambly r consalting wif tha V-E-T 'bouts treatmint.

i's founded this comment on Smudge's bloggie, 'n it worries me 'cause i don't knows how ta get in touch. let's all be sure's ta say a prayer fur Katie 'n Gabby 'n Gabby's mom, tha comment they's lefted: My mom and I are praying for you and your family Smudge. My sister Katie went to the Bridge last night so we know how much your heart is breaking. But it sounds like you have a good vet and our stabby guy helped Katie beat the odds and stay with us for over a year after they found her cancer. Keep fighting Smudge, you are surrounded by love and prayers. Gabby & Gabby's mom 10/27/2006 1:23 PM


Remember little Adam who's had surgery: Adam is doing GREAT! Just this week he had his bile test ran and they came back normal. He is being weaned off his medication this week and next week will be the real test. He will eat regular food with no medication to see if his little body can take it. I have a good feeling the worst is over and he can be a normal cat. Please keep the prayers going at least for another week. Thanks, Carole, Stray Cat Alliance

'n little Tippy wif tha 'mergency surgery: First I will like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your donations and prayers for Tippy, God Bless you all! The vet just call and Tippy's surgery has been a success! Yeah! No complications at all, he was a real trooper! Celene, Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc.

i'll be postin tha complete letters, probably on tha Pet Prayer & Praise blog, so u's kin reads tha whole fing.

Jack's Educational Pamphletpee ess: my mommie maded a linkie ta Jack's edu-kashunal pam-let.

Repurrted by KC
Offishul Repurrter fur The Cat Blogosphere


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)


Merlin said...

Hey KC, when I click on your link for Edsel, I get an error message. And I wanna know about the special idee!

Thanks for the update as always!

KC said...

o, hi Merlin, sorry 'bout that. we's had a computer crash. i didn't hears a crash, but that's what mommie sez. anyways, it scrambled up lots of stuffs...we's fixin it nows.

Sanjee fixed tha post so's efurryone can read tha good idee. fanks,Sanjee.

i knowed sumfing wuz wrong, even Blogger isn't that bad, hee-hee. we gotted all kinds of crazy stuff on tha screen...