Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Evenin Noos

Ree-purrter Computer Problems
KC's Mommy's puter went crash kaboomie last night. It gotted sick wif a virus! So KC's hafin to wait while her Mommy rebuilds it. KC n Missy n Bear n Mommy are ok tho. They didn't get sick. Jus the pc, and it's gettin well again. KC's purrsonal email is down rightnow, so if you's emailed her and it gets returned that's why. It'll be werkin again soon!

Gracie's Mom Meryl is still keepin a close eye on her, and that's real good cuz her tummy acted up some again. But she got appetite stuff from the V-E-T and eated a bunch yesterday. She's efun got a favorite flavor of fancy fast now! And look at her furry cute pikshur on today's Gracie noos post.

Mittens finally found the hour her Mommy losted this spring. Yay Mittens!

I Love the 2 Bs Contest
The deadline is October 31 an that's comin fast! So gets your entries ready. The purrize incloods a play cube like Bubbles has gots!

Skeezix made his 500th posty today! That means somecat musta won the contest for guessin closest. But Blogger's been bad, so he can't really tell yet. Naughty blogger! I bets as soon as blogger bee-haves enuff, Skeezix will tell us hoo the winner is.

Beau's bloggy is still messin up, so he's postin on his Archive site til he gets efurryfing straight. Go visit him ofur dere. Oh an it's in order wif the newest posts at the bottom! Just in case you can't find the posties easy.

Feline Empress in Exile Kukka-Maria announces the winner in the Scoop the Tabloids Contest. Concatulations Carmen!


Beau's party for November Purrthdays and Gotcha Days is bein hosted by Smeagol & Strider at their bloggy. Time: 11am EST until.. Mark your calendars!

Fank You God!
We is thankin God lots for taking care of our furriend Brandi this weekend! They hadded a fire at her 'partment building, on the same floor as them!!! Brandi and her Mommy are ok cept for breafin some smoke, but not enuf to make them sick. Fank you God for lookin after Brandi!

We's hearded that MeezerMom's gonna need medikal treatments. Why? Cuz she wantsta dress Miles up in a costoom! I finks Miles looks just fine like he is wifout no costooms. Miles suggested a funny comment for Sammy tho. hehehe

New Bloggin Furriends

Cats of Our Lives
is a new bloggy for stories bout shelter cats at ADOPT Pet Shelter. They's hopin to inspire folkses to adopts shelter kitties and helps them out. Stop by n say hi to them, cuz it's a furry good cause! Here's sum noos frum them:

Last week at the ADOPT Pet Shelter in Naperville, IL, five cats went
out for adoption in a span of three days. This roster includes a loving
little fella whose front paw was amputated because of infection. I take
that this is a sign that the world is falling in love with cats even
more deeply!
That's all the noos I knows about right now. KC may haf more, but she'll hafta post it when her computer fingy is all fixed.



We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

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Rascal said...

Excellent reporting Sanjee. So sorry to hear about KC's mom's computer. We had computer problems over the weekend too, so I missed out on a lot of the Cat Blogger's activities. Hopefully Mom has it all fixed now!