Wednesday, October 25, 2006

10/25 Wednesday Nooz

hi, effuryone's, i's back now. Sanjee still be wif hers boyfriend whiles Meezer Mommy hafs surgery. Keep them alls in ur purr-rayers 'n sends 'em lotsa purrrrrssss 'n luv paws.

furrrst, i finds sum mores cat "day" celly-brations to ree-purrrrt...sum of these mights haf been menshuned, i didn't get ta browse much 'cause mine 'puter was not workin...

Midnight Monday: Fluffy Feline Friends features two furriends of Jasmine, Puck at Petronious, William
Fluffie Tuxie Tuesday: Ask Fiona Basic Bunny Vocabulary
Tummy Tuesday: George, Leo, Audace, Edmund, Jack
Tabby Tummy Tuesday: Bella 'n Dolce (Doubleshot)
Tuxedo Toozday: Rocky

Midnight 'n Grr work on a new olympic event - synchronized bug hunting!
Check out Sassy's Halloween Song at Taylor Catsssss
Rosie & Cheeto outline the testing methods for a prospective catsitter

Scroll down ta tha bottom of tha page fur tha 'dorable "Hamper Baby" photo of Taz

Stop by 'n welcome Tara ta tha Blogosphere. She's a former feral who had a litter at four months old, and has just been adopted. Her blog will tell the story of her new home. fanks, Skeezix, Charlie 'n Pandora fur tellin us 'bouts Tara.

Merlin's got a new stroller -- lookin good! 'n if'n u wants ta see sum reel cool strollers, head to Skeezix Stroler Store.

On a verry sad note, The Texas Troop posted on tha loss of sweet Arria, a hospice foster, who wented to tha Bridge on Saturday. Pleeze stop by her Mommie's bloggie 'n leaves a note fur hers. Be sure ta reads tha story of the "Pool of Memory and Pool of Loss". Mights want ta bring a hankie.

Don't Furr-gets: Deadline for tha "I love tha 2B's" Contest is 10/31.

re-purrted by KC
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