Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Cat News #6

Blogging Cat News Ree-ported September 24, 2006

The Biggest and Most Wondermous News

Luna is home safe!!! We are so thrilled! Purrrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrrrr
Purrrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Yay! She's thin and has fleas and a scratch on her nose, but she's ok and she's home with her beans. Her Mommy says thank you to efurrycat and effurybean and effury critter for prayers for her Luna to get home safe. Thank you God for bringin her home. And thanks to Victor Tabbycat for lettin us all know so fast, WTG Victor!

Cat News from around the Blogosphere

Cheysuli shares the story of Catupuncture for all ours eddyficashun.

Meowers in Missouri show us just how good some beans is!

Beau Beau becomes a Projeck Manajer.

Update: Ramona's Top Cats raised $1750.00 for her Big Dream! We's furry purroud of your Ramona and efurrycat efur who helped! And the flag wif all the kitty names on her team who donated is goin to be displayed at the shelter. Yay for the first efur kitty team!

Up Close and Purrsonal

  • Opus and Roscoe in Italy had a party for their 11th Purrthday and 1st Blogiversary. Check out pix of the kitties who attended. Happy Purrthday and Blogiversary Opus and Roscoe!
  • Arthur Dentrat and Narnia Smallrat wented to the Rainbow Bridge this week. We sends our sympathies and purrs to the Poiland Fambly.
  • Rocky the Gutter Cat had some urinary trubbles and hadded to go to the V-E-T. We sends him lotsa purrs and hopes he's all better now.
  • Mom Toni of the Big Piney Woods hadded her surgery on Toosday and it went furry well. Good job sendin purrs, efurrycat! Now we's just gotta send purrs and p urrayers for her to recover real good. Mom Toni saided anycat could telerport ofur to visit the cat of the Big Piney Woods and say hi too.
  • Oreo's Mom has a problem wif her knee. Let's send her lotsa purrs and purrayers.
  • Bugby sneaked out when his Mommy wented to take out trash and he got hitted by a car. :( He had to go to the emergency V-E-T and have surgery. We sends him lotsa purrs and purrayers that the good V-E-T can help him get all better quick.
  • Meezer Mom is nervous bout pawsible layoffs at her werk. We has our paws crossed for her to not haf any problems and no laysoffs.
  • Caspers woofie sisfur Amber wented to the Rainbow Bridge this week. We sends lotsa purrs and purrayers of sympathies to Casper and fambly.
  • Happy Purrthday to Sarah, who is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #68! (Sarah is one of the good beans who's been holdin WCB together efun tho the founder kinda disappeared.) Lotsa purrthday purrs to you Sarah!
  • Max the Psychokitty and Buddah are in the purrocess of moving. They keep getting locked in the room while stuff moves, and today efun their Mom bean got locked in there too. We wonder if she was bad?


Chaos the Cat is NOT a green breed cat! He is a BLUE breed cat wif purrty green eyes. And now we gets to see what he looks like! He's furry handsum, and he's a Russian Blue.

NEW! Frootbat Fridays!

invited Skeezix, Luxor, and all bloggin frootbats* to participate in a new fun thing called Frootbat Fridays. They's showin off their big ears!
*Term of endearment meaning wedge-head kitty with huge ears who look a little like frootbats.

Weekend Cat Blogging needs hosts!

The nice beans who have been doin it need help.We's callin all kitties to step up and take a week once in a while. Let nice Sarah bean know if you can help, or email me. We's doin it next week at Hot(M)BC.

New Furriends

Latte the Meezer introdused us to his furriend Junior. We's furry glad to meet you, Junior!

Cal the Wonderdog is a neat new furriend, efun tho he's a woofie. He's a nice woofie who stands up to frogs on behalf of cat blogging. How cool is that?

FSA (Feline Service Announcement)

Meowers from Missouri share some impawtant kitty health care tips!

More Kitty News from 'Round the Blogosphere

Mr. Big Is Trying to Get a Furever Home!
His beans moved away and abandoned him :( Jus like Gree and Pepi's old beans. Meanies! He's an Australia kitty in Canberra. A nice guy bean wants to 'dopt him, but he lives 8 hours drive far away. A nice lady may be able to give Mr. Big a ride, but we's waitin to hear fur shur. Keep your paws crossed for Mr. Big!

Did you know that a lion cut can make you furry furoshus? Meep shows us that it does!

Pepi of Hot(M)BC cellybrated Talk Like a Pirate Day with is furry own Jack Sparrow pirate hat. He hopes that nocat will try to give him to anybody as a purresent, like Jack Sparrow got gived to Kukka for her blogiversary.

You gotta see this adoorable bun pikshur. It's Rabbie! I know he's not a cat, but somecats lives with buns! And we hears buns are purrty cool critters. And Rabbie has a new girlfriend Bonita who's a chinchilla! Did they check the interspecies datin laws first? Do we care? Nope!

Daisy Mae Maus shares another werd from her Feline Lexycon: Tweety Feet
did an article on cat blogging feachuring lotsa our furriends. Go see! They's got lotsa good infomashun about gettin rid of nasty ole fleas and ofur stuff too!


Just one day apart, Skeezix announced his Halloween contest is comin soon, so get to work on your costumes, and we at the Hot(M)BC tolded about Mommy's Halloween Contest at her site that kitties can enter. Nope, Skeezix didn't copy us and we didn't copy him. It was awful funny the way the 'nouncements got maded, but it's just more chances for cats to win!

Kimo and Sabi hadded a Cat Capshun Contest this past week. We's waitin to hear who the winner is!

Board the Ark and Ride the Carnyval Rides!

Carnival of the Cats
Friday Ark
Weekend Cat Blogging #68

That's the news from the Cat Blogosphere for this week. Well, what we could get typed anyways. The typist neerly wented totally whacko when blogger ate her first typings. Oops!

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