Friday, September 22, 2006

Callin All Cats!

Mini shows us the 5 paw groomin trick!

Weekend Cat Blogging needs help!

The lady who started it doesn't blog no more, and the folks who was partisypatin have been keepin it goin anyways. But they needs help from us cats sometimes. After all, we's got cat staff, right? hehehe

Anyways, nocat has to do it all the time, but it'd be good for us cats if we could each help out sometimes. We at the Hot(M)BC are going to do it next week. Can you do it one week too? You just gotta post the linkies on your blog for WCB. Oh, and a pikshur of a kitty. hehehe If you want to help some week, let us k now so we can get kitties skedyooled. You can go here to let us know, or you can email us at

This week is Weekend Cat Blogging #68 and ChefSarahJane is hosting it. Go add your link to the comments to get listed!