Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Cat News #5

This was a big weekend in the cat blogosphere! So big I didn't get to post til later than usual.

Miss Ramona's of Catuday's first ever Cat Team flag was held up purroudly in the Walk for the Animals. Miss Ramona ree-ports she'll have more information on totals collected soon. We's furry purroud of Ramona for hafin such a big dream and workin to make it come true!

Board the Ark and Ride the Carnyval Rides!

Carnival of the Cats
Friday Ark
Weekend Cat Blogging #67

Party Ree-porting

This was a BIG weekend for cat parties. We haded so much fun we slept all day yesterday.

Charlie of BritCats had a big to-do to cellybrate his Gotcha Day. Sweet Charlie had purrsponed his party twice cuz of sad stuff around the blogosphere. We's furry glad we got to haf it this weekend! He haded a bouncy fing (like ofur there on the left) and all kindsa fun stuff! Happy Gotcha Day Charlie!

Ayla the Grump celebrated her 16th Purrthday! Her Mom had said "No party Friday night", but her Mom didn't know we'd already 'nounced it, so's us kitties partied anyhow. hehehe You can't stop a kitty who's determined to party! (We don't fink Ayla's such a grump anyways!) Happy Sweet Sixteen Ayla!

Skeezix the Cat's Purrthday Party at Catster on Saturday was a big hit! There was oodles of kitties there and he got lotsa purresents and there was a cake wif his face on it and efurrything. He haded games and contests. Cocoa and Lucky Boo tied for best hats in the best party hat contest, Bravely Sir Robin won the Word Search contest, and Bubbles won the Scavenger Hunt / Trivia contest. They all got neat purrizes! Skeezie ree-ports that he'll be posting lots more party pikshures and stuff this week in between writin fank you notes.

We're Famous! wrote an article for their cat Q&A page about "What is cat blogging" and it features lots of our furriends from around the Cat Blogosphere! It efun has the Cat Blogosphere blog on it! What's funny is we'd founded their site when we was lookin up somefin bout cat health just about a week ago, and now we's famous cuz of them. How cool is that! Thanks Victor and Bonnie for recommendin our Hot(M)BC blog too!

Cat News from around the Blogosphere

Wm. of Mass Destruction is a tiny boy, but it lookies like he's shrinkin! Go there and Biggify the pikshur to see how much!

Thursday Thirteens tell what they are and Empress Kukka-Maria reminds why we kitties (speshully her) should be glad we's not dogs.

Ofur Recent Purrthdays

Latte the Meezer celebrated the big first purrthday on the 8th! and Kaze allowed the Lap Lady to write a nice message and tail of Latte's furst year on Kaze's Blog. Happy Purrthday Latte!

Kimo and Sabi cellybrated their 2nd Gotcha Day this week! Happy Gotcha Day Kimo and Sabi!

Up Close and Purrsonal

  • Digby, the Cat Who Knows Efurrything, knew it was time, and he wented to the Rainbow Bridge. Purrs and purrayers to his fambly who's gonna miss him furry much.
  • Zeus and Isis' bean had gone nuts in addishun to bein sick. She keeped goin to work efun tho she's sick. Wesends her lotsa purrs and purrayers to get ofur both fings.
  • Chatham, the furry nice senior Meezer (he is older than Trixie and Norton were) woke up wif a swollen face one day and hadded to go to the 'mergency v-e-t. He's doin better and they thinks it was a spider bite. So efurrycat go do the no bitin spiders dance at Chatham's place, k?
  • Gizmo had kittens! Since the kittens are always tumblin around and Gizmo's an outside kitty at Smeagol and Strider's they's not sure but they finks there's 4 or 5 cute baby kitties. Concatulations Gizmo!
NEW Furriends

Chaotic Cat As fur as I can tell he's a green kitty breed. Hehehe! Well, he won't tell us yet cuz of his Hummy, but hopefully he'll tell us later!

Skeeter & LC Many kitties were trying to say hi to Skeeter and LC, but their blog was aksidentally set so only blog members can comment. They's got it fixed now so's you can go ofur and say hi!

Cat-a-log We just founded out bout this Cat-A-Log but maybe efurrycat else knows. If you don't tho, go visit and see lotsa cute kitties!

New furriends from Chile! Mielito y su Pandilla! Their blog is in Spanish cuz that's their language, but Babelfish Translator can help ya out wif that. We's furry excited to meet more internashunal kitties!

FSA (Feline Service Announcements)

These furry impawtent publik service announcements were nounced recently

Kismet shows us how to wake up your human.

I pointed out the difference between a handsum Meezer and a ugly skeery klingon. So nocat mistakes my boyfriend cat for an ugly skeery klingon!

We hopes you has a great week! Just email us wif any news you wants 'nounced!
Sanjee the Offishul Ree-porter Cat