Friday, August 25, 2006

Weekend Cat News

Here's the weekend bloggin cat news for the last weekend of August. If you's got news lemme know an I'll put it in the news wif sayin you

Our furriend Skeezix was sayin he wanted a porch like Derby's. We founded one that's kinda like Derby's and it don't cost much. You can find it here if you wantsta look. Or clicky the picture.

Purrsonal Cat Concernin News

  • Luna is lost cuz of a *coff* (Mommy says she'll wash my mouf out wif soap if I say what I was gonna say) V-E-T. See de-tails at the breakin news alert posted earlier dis week. Please keep your paws crossed or say purrayers or bof that Luna gets un-lost and findses her way home safe n quick.
    ree-ported by Victor Tabbycat

I discovered somefin furry important from the Blogs of Summer! Ofur folkses can use our blogrollin linksies! So if you wanna make linksies really easy on your bloggy, we we send you the code for it. You just put that lil bitta code in yous template and POOF you got linksies to all the kitties listed at the blogosphere here!

And if you know of any kitty bloggies that we don't gots here, please please email us at catsnmomATcrystalsandjewelryDOTcom. Fanks!

Misselaneous GOINS ON in the Cat Blogosphere

Our furriend Bonnie Underfoot was featured this week at Kat's Cat of the Day, and Mittens was featured there too!

New Bloggin Cat Furriends

Trading Cats - Nugget
Meowers from Missouri - Nelson LaPurr, Edmund the Rotund, Nitro, and Xing Lu

And that's all I gots cuz Mommy had to go away this week and her puter was locked up. If you gots news you want me to update wif, just email me at catsnmomATcrystalsandjewelryDOTcom.

Sanjee the Ree-Porter Kitty

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