Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Weekend Cat News

More Cat Purrsonal News

Lonestar Purrs Update: This update just came about Mimi (of Meeko & Kiara): Mimi is doing OK. They have her on morphine sedation and will be keeping her in the hospital until Mon. (at least). The Dr.'s are planning on doing some type of GI scope with dye to look for more stones on Monday as well. They have told her that she will have a 2-3 week recovery period, and that this sometimes happens after having the gall bladder removed. So, that means she won't be coming out this week for her visit. Ree-ported by Beau via email
Keep sending good kitty thoughts and purrayers to Mimi and her fambly. We is! :)

Kaze is doin good after her surgery 'cept she's gotta wear an evil e-collar. We's sendin healin kitty thoughts to Kaze so she don't gotta keep wearin that icky e-collar and heals up real fast.

The Nice Lady at Millie's house got sad news. Millie's older sisfur Jasmine has cancer of the eye. We's furry sad to hear this. We supports the Nice Lady's deesishun to keep Jasmine comfy but not do any surgeries. We're sending soothin kitty purrayers and purrs and thoughts to Jasmine and the whole fambly.

Our furriend Trixie, who's Sammy and Miles Meezer's 'dopted Granma cat, who's ofur 90 years in bean years, has been feelin poorly and losin her eyesight. Meezer Mommy has come up wif an "assisted livin" arrangement for Trixie for when Meezer Mommy gots to be out. And Miles is bein a great brofur helpin Trixie get around. Trixie loves visitors, and she saided all her furriends are welcome to telerport ofur and visit. Lotsa cuddly kitty thoughts and purrs and purrayers to Trixie and effurybody at the Meezer's House!

  • Brandi's Mommy got bad news dis week dat the crazy government helpin people can't help her wif food and meddycines (for her diabeetees) no more cuz her unemployment is "too much", efun tho it's only enuff to pay rent and some of de utillitees. Brandi's Mommy is tryin furry hard to get a new job, but the beans all say they know how that is, an it takes sum time. So we's all helpin out how we can.
    You can help out eifur wif cheery emails or purrayers or help wif the donatin moneys. If you can and wanna donate to help out Brandi and her Mommy, you can see how to at this page on my Mommy's site. My Mommy is lettin us use her bizzness PayPal to take donations from PayPal moneys, credit cards, and MasterCard/Visa brand debit cards -- and Mommy's helpin out by cofurrin any PayPal fees and stuff so's that Brandi and her Mommy get all the moneys anycat or anybean can donate. Oreo's Mommy is collectin checks an money orders donations and sendin 'em on to Brandi's Mommy. So you can go to and learn how to do eifur way, if you can and wanna donate.
    Brandi's Mommy said specially to tell folks it's real ok if they can't donate cuz she unnerstands lots and that the purrayers and cheeries helps lots and lots too cuz she'd be lots more sad wifout them.
We hasn't heard no more updates bout our furriend Luna, who's still losted. We's sendin lots and lots and lotsa purrayers for her to get home safe.

Our furriends Rosie and Cheeto's Food Ladey ate rocks and had to have surgery dis past week. She's doin real good cuz she had a famous docktor surgeryon help her out. Skeezix ree-ported the deetails.
  • Kimo and Sabi's Mommakitty and Daddykitty are callin all cats to help get the word out that they wants to 'dopt a little blurpy thing. So please pass the words on to anycat or anybean you know that can help and share the Momma and Daddykitty's site too.
Purrizes and Purresents

Derby and Kismet got way neato purrizes for tyin for 10,000th visitor to the Meezer's blog. We's furry impurressed!

Finny and Buddy's Squillions got names! Buddy also gotted purresents (Secret Paws, I finks?) from Miss Maggie!
More kitties gotted their Secret Paws purresents too! Check em out. :)

Bombay and Bonnie are the 2006 Catango Champions! We's furry purroud of our furriends for their fine Catango dancin.Happy Gotcha Day to our furriend Charlie of BritCats. He's havin a party next weekend, so mark your callenders.

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