Monday, January 01, 2007

Toosday 1/2/07 & Wensday 1/3/07

Post fur Thursday 1/4/07

We can't take it no more! Bye bye blogger!!!

Visit us at the noo Cat Blogosphere bloggy today!
It's up n runnin and we can post. We's got lotsa little thingies to tweak n stuff (like makin autolinkies werk hehehe) but you can comment and leeve your linky in a comment and when Mommy can fix them tonight she'll put them in, or leave your thursday 13 linky at the bottom of this huge post. And we'll import that old posts once noo blogger lets us.

No more blogger to make our Cat Blogosphere bloggy not work. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Please update your linkies when you can :)

Purrrrrrrrrs, Sanjee

Post fur Wensday 1/3/2007

jus updating a few breakin noos items (blogger willing!):

jeter emails: mi noo brudder matsui came outta da bafroom dis mornin an iz now hidin under da bed again.

Pumpkin emails: Today is mine big brothur Bebe's 10th Gotcha Day as well as mine woofie cuzin Chloe's 12th Berfday!

posted (hopefully) by KC

We STILL can't create a new post!!! Much more of this and Mommy says we're movin the blog somewhere else cuz this is stoopid.

Please feels free to adds your Toosday & Wensday speshul cat posts for T-cubed Toosday: Tabbies, Toesies, Torties, Tummies and Tuxies and fur White, Widebody & Wacky Wednesday to the autolinkies below since we can't make a noo post to make them for the right days. *sigh* DP Blogger duz it again.

Purrrrrrrrs, Sanjee

Post fur Toosday 1/2/2007
Sorry for no noos, but we's been unable to create a new post! we's workin on tha problem... here's what i had fur Toosday:

Furrrrst of all, our best furriend Skeezix won a contest him didn't efen know about -- is that guy good or what? Here's him emailed: I wet my pants I was so ixsited abowt this: I wun's "Funniest Cat of the Yeer Award"! And I wuzn't even trying!

Skeezix is taking a few days off to upgrade Blogger, catch up on tha blogs, and send out buttons to cats in him Friends Of Skeezix group on Catster. As Skeezix says: if yoo don't know whut that is, yoo need to join Catster and git in the groop! Emale me [skeezix AT skeezixthecat DOT com] to find owt how.

i's in tha group 'n hafn't gotten Skeezix buttons yet, so i's happy to gits em.

more noos later.... probably on top o' this, hee-hee
purrrrsssss... KC

Happy Noo Yeer to Efurry Cat n Critter n Bean!

Meezers and Midnight kitties must be furry impawtant, cuz they gots the first day this yeer! So pleeze add your Meezer, Midnight & Movie Monday linkies beelow!

Did you know....?
YOU can haf a chat party too. Fur free! You kin use the Cat Blogosphere Chat on chatzy any time you wants for parties or quick gettin togefurs. Or you kin make your own chat room there fur free! If you needs help startin your own or usin the Cat Blogosphere room, just email us ree-purrters and we'll help you out!

Cat Blogosphere 2006
We deesided that us kitties are furry impawtant, so we're going to do a review of the year 2006 in the Cat Blogosphere. We'll need your help tho! Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of how we'll all be doing it togefur. Deetales comin soon!

New Speshul Ree-purrter!
Jack has agreed to be the Cat Blogosphere Speshul Vishus Deer Ree-purrter! We fink that's sooper! Jack keeps up wif all the vishus deer noos and has written the most excellent pamphlet on Vishus Deer of the North that's furry educayshunal for all us kitties. Him recently published The Big Santa's Vishus Reindeer Lie fur tha winter holliday season. Let's all welcome Jack as a speshul ree-purrter!

More noos later!

Purrrrrrrrrrs, Sanjee

Happy Sweet 16 to TAPS...
i's gotted this email a few minutes ago: I just wanted to let you know that we have a special edition posted today. It's special because it is Taps burfhday. So if you would please letz eferyonez know. Fanks alot. -Sia

That is a real celly-bration fur Taps, so stop by 'n wish hims a happy birfday... Snowy even writed a specshul song!

Check out the Pet Prayer & Praise blog fur some new updates on our friends.

Andrew, the 15-year old cat in Maine, who had to find a home because someone in hims family wuz allergic -- he finded a furever home wif tha help of all the cat bloggers!

Kimo & Sabi emailed: We're celebrating Tuesday Toes-day with some REALLY BIG toes! You won't believe your eyes!

Specshul Notice - i's been wonnering bout this, 'n talked to Mom Robyn. if you wants to post in tha auto links at tha bottom of tha page, where it sez Meezer, Midnight & Movie Monday... but maybe you got none of those, but you got a New Years Greeting or somefing bout your new brofur (like Jeter), go ahead and link your blog. We kitties are interested in what's going on wif you, that's why we blogs. Right!

Purrrrsssss 'n Happy 2007, KC


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

Need purrs n purrayers for kitties or ofur critters & their beans, or got praise for 'em?
Let the folks at the Pet Prayer & Praise Bloggy know too!


jeterharris said...

i'm wunderin ... can today be "mickey'z brudder monday"? becuz if dat'z acceptable ... i can post abowt mi grate brudder mickey!
happee noo yeer ... an i'm sorree i coulden't getinto da parttee las nite!
luv--yer grate frend--jh

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

wish you could have been at the party, you and your new brother.

You can list whatever kind of special post you have for the day... we can't change the title, but whatever it is, if it's for New Years Greeting, for your new brother, just go for it. All us kitties will be interested for sure.

Daisy said...

Boy did I have FUN at the party!! Thanks for inviting me.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Um, the link fur Taps Purrthday is broked. I can't send him my hippos, birdies, ewes, an one (not so vishus) deer.
Gee, I'm impressed you guys could employ an expert like Jack fur special vishus deer reports. He knows the mostest of any of us. Purrs an Happy Mew Year!

KC said...

O Victor, fanks fur tellin me about tha link... i fixed it up a minute ago.

Jack is doing a wonnerful service to all of us joocy cats by providing hims expertise against the Vishus Deer.

Henry M. Catterton said...

yay! andrew is going home to his noo mommy (my gran'mommy!) momma sez der won't be time fur her to bring andrew to here fur me ta meet him but he will be at my gran'mommy's house an she babysits me sumtimes so we meet at sum point i'm shure! *purrrss*

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Testing to see if I can post here, sure can't publish today's Cat Noos... arghhhhh.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC has posted a brief summary on her blog: until we can post here.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Wow! How did yoo manije to snag Jack as yer intrepid Vishus Deer Reeporter??? What a koo! (wate. Mao sed that's spelld "coups")