Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Noos

The 143rd CARNIVAL of CATS is at
the House of Chaos today!
To join in, use the
i's posting this too-nite, too, from Skeezix, cause it be impurrrtant:
Tomorrow, cood yoo reemind evrywun that Monday at midnite is the dedline for nominayshuns for the Food Lady/Dood of the Yeer Award? If we can git 12 more nominayshuns, Brandi's Mom, Libby Marie's Mom and Oreo's Mom will eech git $50. GRATE prizes have just bin added!Go to
'n i'll post agin tomorrowy.

Lilly lu sez: it spotty sunday even if you have just one spot show it off!!!!
lets me know 'n i'll post ur linkies fur Spotty Sunday or anyfing else....

UPDATE: tha Feline Oligarchy just emailed me with this: Luna just posted an update on her mom --'s now scheduled for surgery on the 19th. Stops by 'n leave a get-well greeting, 'n sees tha pickshure of adorable Luna in hers Santy hat.

Mr. Hendrix writed a beautiful luv song fur hims true luv, Brandi fur Sweetheart Saturday & Sunday. wow is all i can say, that is grrrreat.

.... i'll be backs later....

ree-purrted by KC


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