Saturday, December 23, 2006

Saturday is Caturday...hee-hee

Breaking noos ...

*** This jus in, froms Skeezix: Like Kimo and Sabi, I will be posting a very speshul verzhun of "T'was the Nite Beefore Krissmiss" on Krissmiss Eve wich will have yoo on the edje of yer seet!

*** Kimo & Sabi hafs a specshul prezzie fur us all: On Christmas eve day (12/24) we'll be posting a special kittie version of a Christmas story - The Night Before Cat-mas! So curl up to the warm computer, with some catnip cookies and warm milk, and get your beans to read you a story for Christmas eve!

Sanjee asked me ta reminds effurryone that Luxor's Mom won Eclair's First Art Kontest. Woo! effurryone of those entries was so grrrreat, sum furry talented pee-ples.

'n furr WCB (Weekend Cat Blogging), go to Tiggy's ta enter yours cat post. Tiggy is posting from her new home in Toronto!

don't furrgets The Carnival of the Cats at IMAO on Sunday nite, Christmas Eve 2006. ta enter ur's bloggie, use tha offishul submisshun form or leaves a comment at IMAO... 'n if'n u haf problems or ques-shuns, u's kin always ask me or Sanjee 'n we be glad ta help u.

The Zoo emailed this ree-purrt in ta us: jody(strayer) the cat woman at has got a home to contnue helping trap and find homes for stray and abandoned cats. she had been evicted due to a bad landlord, but her brother bought a home to rent to her. yaaaa.

Victor Tabbycat haf sum reely tekneecal advice if u's use Blogroll:
Ok, so it's not really news, but if you use Blogrolling fur your linkies an NONE of them say updated, wul, that's happenin to efurryone but the support beans is fast asleep an hidin.Anyway, there's ONE way to make sure anyone who links to you wif Blogrolling knows you've updated.
1) Go to
2) Fill out the form.
3) Click Ping (the button, not the kitty at Abby's house)
For asample, I puts "Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat" in the first box an "" in the second box.
I fink if they don't start fixing Blogrolling or at least talkin to the users who are askin them to fix it, we should all go ofur an HISS at them.
BTW, Blogrolling is run by TuCows an we might haf to hiss at them too. Are cows as vishus as deer? I fink I furgot to mention that if you "ping" blogrolling, you haf to do it EVERY time you post. I sure hope they fix it soon!
Fanks, Victor, u is always so helpful... but i's wonderin, kin Bonnie 'n Victor bof fit in tha furst box???

back later wif more noos.....KC


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Anonymous said...

Fanks, KC! You don't haf to be a user of Blogrolling to ping yur updates to them, it's just anofur way to let efurryone know you's got a new post.