Monday, December 11, 2006

Prayer Vigil Monday 12/11 9 pm ET

Prayer Vigil
Tonight @ 9pm ET


...for the many prayer requests,
Libby Marie & her family,
Luna's Mommie,
Kim & Sean,
Mr. Hendrix's Mommie
& the missing kitties (Rajjah, Jasmine & Allie Katz).
Please join us tonight,
no matter your religion or beliefs,
and send well wishes and prayers.

*Hosted by: Robyn (hot(m)bc crew), ML(KC & Missy),
Cathy (Beau) & Kat (Kat's Cat of the Day)


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

Need purrs n purrayers for kitties or ofur critters & their beans, or got praise for 'em?
Let the folks at the Pet Prayer & Praise Bloggy know too!

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