Friday, December 08, 2006

The Furriday Late Noos

Sorry I's so late gettin the noos out. Just purrtend you's watchin the late noos on the tee vee, k? Or maybe the early mornin Saturday noos? hehehe Durin the hollyday season, all the bean typists are furry busy and sumtimes we cats can't get to the puters to post the noos. We'll do our bestest tho to keep the noos comin reggularly as we can.

There's candles lighted all round the kitty blogosphere for our furriend Libby Marie. We hasn't heard word from her Mommy yet if Libby had to go be helped to the Rainbow Bridge cuz she's so furry sick, but we's all wishin the bestest for Libby here and at the Bridge. We sends luvs and purrayers and purrs for God to help Libby and Libby's Mommy for doin the best fing for all concerned. If you hasn't been to Libby's bloggy to leave a note of support, you might wants to.

Skeezix and Rocky are WINNERS!
A'course, we knew already that they's winner, but now efurryone on Catster knows too cuz they won in the World's Coolest Cat and Dog Show! Skeezix the Cat won in the Costumes and Shades cattygory and Rocky the Gutter Cat won in the Sleeper cattygory. Way to go yall!
Fanks for ree-purrtin this to us Victor and Rocky!

New Blogging Cat Furriends

New kitty bloggers Munchkin, Minte & Missy at wiff their meowm Renee. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere yall! And fanks to the Zoo for introdoosing us. :)

Formerly Feral Friday
Rocky the Gutter Cat salutes Tripper the stray cat!
Let us know if you gota a FFF post and we'll link to it.

The Carnival is Coming!
Mini's getting ready for lots of treats again. The Carnival of the Cats is coming to the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats this Sunday and Mini gets a treat for each blog that joins in the carnival. Mini says "Do it!" hehehe Learn how or sign up at the Carnival of the Cats site.

Cat Cozies for Books for Israel
We got this email from a nice lady bean blogger who's making snuggly blankies for folks who can help her charity -- sendin books to Israel so Bedouin childrens and people can learn English and improve their lives. We thoughted about it hard cuz of pollytickal stuff bout Israel goin on, and we cats tries to avoid pollyticks. But we'd already seen her bloggy during Weekend Cat Blogging and we thoughted it was a nice thing she's doin. So we talked to my Mommy about it. And we deecided that we approves of education all ofur the world, cuz learnin helps make lives better we finks. So here's the nice lady's letter:

"Hello, cat bloggers! You might be interested in a fundraising idea I am trying to implement for an excellent cause I am working for -- sending English books to needy Bedouin schools in Israel. The shipping costs make it hard for me to send as many books as I would like to. So I am offering hand-knit cat cozies as gifts to thank cat-lovers for donations. They are made of durable, washable cotton and can be made in any colour or size. To see my own cats modelling a cat cozy, check out my blog here: I apologize for a spam-like email, and promise not to bug you any more -- I am just trying to spread a word about a worthy, non-political cause. (And get more people to admire my cute furry helpers.) Thanks very much, Nina"
Food Lady/Dude of the Year Award
Don't furget to enter Skeezix's Food Lady/Dude of the YearAward contest by nommynating the Food Lady or Dude you fink is the best. Skeezix is contributing to our furriends in need for efurry nommynashun, so it's double good to enter!

Challenge Update: Precious Flower posted her poem for the challenge and there will be a
challenge from the Calico Girls tomorrow.

KC will be ree-purrting in the morning, I finks.
ree-purrted by Sanjee, Offishul ree-purrter


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